There’s no need to worry about getting that arm lift; Clinica Ambar in Playa del Carmen is your choice for quality arm lift surgery.


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Aging comes with so many issues that we are always trying to find ways to slow the process. Not only are we also combating the signs of aging, we also have to deal with gravity; the natural force that makes our skin sag particularly, on the area around the arms. Thankfully, there are now procedures that can allow us to easily get an arm lift. Clinica Ambar is located in Playa del Carmen, one of Mexico’s coastal resort towns.

Besides being located at one of the most beautiful places in Mexico, the Clinica Ambar offers patients reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery that is sure to make you look better than ever. At its helm is Dr. Carlos Ochoa Edgar Villalobos. He is one of the most well-known reconstructive surgeons in Playa del Carmen. He and his team of experts would be able to help you remove those problems. Other than that, they also have treatments that target the face and other areas of the body to give you a well-defined, youthful appearance.

Basically, an arm lift surgery is done in order to reduce that excess skin that droops down your arms. This procedure can tighten skin and evens out the underlying tissue that supports the shape of the arms.

We understand that it is important for international patients to fully trust the clinic before they even consider scheduling an appointment. That is why we highly recommend reading a Clinica Ambar review because we believe that reviews can give international patients a glimpse into the experiences of past patients. First impressions are very important and reviews are on the frontline on why any patient should consider going to Clinica Ambar.


Additionally, it is understandable that patients would still have second thoughts on getting a procedure done at Clinica Ambar. Before and after photos are available on their web page in case any patient would need that additional boost to make a decision based on what other patients achieved. It is always a great idea to look at before and after images of an arm lift because the effects of a surgery can be significant in changing the lifestyle of any patient.

The final factor that might convince a patients to schedule an appointment is the arm lift cost at Clinica Ambar. The table from Medical Departures below shows how much an international patient can save when getting the procedure done in Clinica Ambar:







$ 9,700.00

$ 8,540.00

$ 6,800.00


$ 2,898.00

$ 2,888.00

$ 2,300.00







Let our staff at Medical Departures assist you if you have any questions or concerns.

If you are worried about the effects of aging showing in your arms and no amount of diet and exercise can reduce the damage then the answer to your problem might be an arm lift. Clinica Ambar is always open for both international and local patients who are looking for an affordable and sure-fire way of slowing the signs of aging, especially on the arms.