Tips for a Speedy Recovery from a Mommy Makeover in Mexico City


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The impact of pregnancy on your body leaves a lot to be desired. While motherhood is a wonderful experience, your post-pregnancy body might hurt your self-image and confidence. You can undergo a mommy makeover, where the surgeon will restore your breasts and abdomen to their pre-pregnancy state. You can overcome the body issues you are dealing with.

Why Mexico City?

You might wonder why you should travel across the border for a mommy makeover. The fact of the matter is that the procedure is quite expensive in the US and Canada, with the average price around USD $13,000 / CAD $16,596. In comparison, you can get a mommy makeover in Mexico City for around USD $7,500 / CAD $9,575. Even the top clinics in the city keep prices low, including

The main reasons for the low mommy makeover price Mexico City offers is the lower operating costs and high level of competition between the clinics in the city. As a result, they’re able to keep their prices low, which is a great option for you, as a patient flying in from the US/Canada. So, as you can see, the price difference alone is reason enough for you to consider the option of travelling to Mexico City for a mommy makeover.


Tips for a Speedy Recovery

The key to making the most of affordable mommy makeover in Mexico City is also ensuring a speedy recovery. Do note that the experience of recovery will be different for each patient. But, there are some tips you can follow:

  • You have to make the necessary arrangements to recover in a comfortable space. Since you are abroad, you have to ask the hotel or whatever place you are staying at to help you prepare your room. You might need extra pillows, and also require support.

  • Sleep on your back (confirm how long with your surgeon) as sleeping face down or even sideways can hamper recovery from a breast lift and/or augmentation you got as part of your makeover.

  • Remember the main things to avoid: Cigarettes, alcohol, swimming and baths (go for warm showers instead).

  • Last, but not the least, your surgeon will provide you instructions that you have to follow closely to ensure your recovery stays on track. Regardless of the situation, you cannot deviate from the recovery plan. Ask your surgeon about any medication you have to take or any lifestyle changes you need to make.

Follow these steps for a speedy recovery from the procedure. Benefit from the low mommy makeover price Mexico City offers while enjoying high-quality care and treatment. The bottom-line is that effective recovery enables you to make the most of mommy makeover in Mexico City.