Tips for finding a reliable breast augmentation clinic in Chiang Mai


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Thought of traveling to Chiang Mai for an affordable yet top-quality breast augmentation? Review Chiang Mai and its Medical Departures recommended clinics and you’ll find that your simple holiday vacation can turn into a life-changing Chiang Mai holiday experience!

But be warned — you’re going to have to follow these 4 tips we give you to obtain those high-quality bosoms waiting for you in Chiang Mai and have an ultimately unforgettable holiday vacation!

    1.Have your booking ready and set!

Whatever accommodation you choose to have while on a holiday in Chiang Mai, you should always make sure you have your bookings set before you go. So to be on the safe side, be prepared!

     2. Make sure to have your breast augmentation procedure at these Medical Departures verified clinics!

The clinics we recommend are:


It is imperative that while in Chiang Mai, you stick with clinics that we recommend for your breast augmentation. With these clinics you will receive a successful and secure procedure, resulting to natural looking breast augmentation for the lowest of cost. These clinics have undergone meticulous background checks by our very own Medical Departures team. We have checked their hygiene maintenance, utilities and equipment, as well as the qualifications of their doctors and staff—and all of them are in top shape, making them more than qualified for your breast augmentation procedure.

Keep in mind!

You won’t have to worry about the cost of the breast augmentation while on your vacation; unlike the clinics you have from home, Chiang Mai clinics that we at Medical Departures recommend have medical care services with rates that are accessible and affordable. In Chiang Mai, you’ll only spend a mere fraction of the prices you have at home. So, in Chiang Mai, you’ll surely get the most of your vacation with a breast augmentation. Save 77% on your procedure is a big advantage if you’re having breast augmentation in Chiang Mai.





















  1. Prepare yourself mentally for your surgery and know how the procedure is done

The breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses breast implants to augment the size and shape of your breasts. It involves incisions on certain areas of the breast—around the areolar edge, under the breast fold or by the armpit—which enables the insertion of the implant.

The implant may be of saline or silicon material. After the insertion of the implant, the incisions are closed via medical sutures or special medical adhesive.

  1. A fter recovery, enjoy what the Thai city of Chiang Mai has to offer

Aside from the marvellous affordability of its breast augmentation cost, Chiang Mai offers a lot for your vacation; a marvellous trip to Chiang Mai’s greenery and rocky landscape excursions will provide you an abundance of picturesque view, and in the city, you’ll find Chiang Mai’s history imprinted in almost everywhere, as their architecture is infused with the remains of the old Lanna Kingdom.

So are you ready to have those bosoms augmented? We hope that we had been helpful to you with this breast augmentation review; Chiang Mai will be a breeze for you now—so come and book with Medical Departures now!

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