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Looking for the Best Botox Package? Chiang Mai is the Place to Be!

Botox is one of the most popular and effective cosmetic treatments to get rid of facial wrinkles and achieve a youthful appearance. Gender is not a restriction here, since Botox is widely sought by both men and women. A large number of medical tourists in recent years have been travelling to Thailand for their Botox injections. You can also combine your Botox treatment with a serene vacation in Chiang Mai. In the following paragraphs, we offer you some tips on finding the best Botox package in Chiang Mai.

Use Online Reviews

To start off, reviews are a great way to find the best Botox clinics in Chiang Mai. Along with review websites, you should also search social media and online forums to see actual patient reviews as well. Or you can just explore Medical Departures which his the perfect one-stop portal for medical tourists. Here you will find reliable information on the top clinics and avoid any content that seems biased in the favor of the clinic being reviewed.

Ask For Referrals

You can also ask for referrals to find the best Botox packages in this city. Thousands of medical tourists visit Chiang Mai every year, so ask around for referrals. This will give you personalized information of the whole medical tourism experience in Thailand. However, you should always check the authenticity of any referrals provided to you, just to be on the safe side.

Look At Botox Before and After Pictures

An important step towards getting a cosmetic procedure outside your country is to have realistic expectations. Botox injections restrict muscle activity in the area where they are injected, which is why they are effective in smoothening wrinkles and facial lines. Botox injections can also be used to treat medical conditions, such as chronic migraine. You can look at before and after pictures to see the results of Botox.

Consult With a Physician

Only a medical professional can determine whether you are a candidate for Botox or not. Your doctor will also explain to you the effects of Botox. While Botox seems like simple procedure, it should only be performed by a qualified and experienced professional.

Some of the best clinics for Botox in Chiang Mai are:

  • Machita Clinic Taphae Branch
  • Pan Clinic Beauty Care Chiang Mai 1 Branch
  • Diaa Aesthetic Clinic

The Botox procedure only takes about 15 minutes. The doctor will clean the area for the injection, and then administer the Botox. The number of units required will vary from person to person. The average cost of a Botox unit in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $20 and NZD $21, whereas in Chiang Mai it is AUD $15 and NZD $16. Savings will increase with the number of units.

The effects of Botox last for a couple of months, after which you will need to get Botox shots again. Once again, if you are seeking the best Botox package, Chiang Mai has got you covered. Schedule your appointment right away.

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