Tips for Getting a Mild or Moderate Chemical Peel in Indonesia’s Bali


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If you’re considering an anti-aging treatment while on holiday one of your options could be a chemical peel in Indonesia . You will discover high-quality clinics for a wide range of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, particularly in Bali—here are some tips for getting the rewarding results you are seeking:

# 1 Find Out if a Chemical Peel is the Best Option

  • A chemical peel helps to minimize your wrinkles, sun-damaged skin and other blemishes. If you have any of these concerns, you may benefit from a peel.

  • The peel contains a chemical that is applied to the skin. The chemical removes the uppermost layers of the skin (the damaged part), revealing newer, blemish-free skin below.

# 2 Be Aware of the Different Strengths of Chemical Peels

Mild and moderate chemical peels are the most common. Mild peels are considered to be superficial in that the results are on the surface level of the skin. They clear pores and exfoliate the skin, and you can have these at regular intervals, like a facial. Medium peels use stronger acids and are recommended once or twice a year. A deep chemical peel, however, is almost like a facelift as the strong chemicals remove the top layer of your skin. This procedure must be carried out using anaesthesia, in a surgical environment, by an experienced doctor.


# 3 Assess the Downtime

It is recommended after any peel that you keep out of the sun to prevent skin damage (you don’t want to undo all the good work of the peel). If you’re planning to take a holiday along with your treatment, you will want to have it toward the end of your visit. The downtime from a mild peel is not too bad–slight redness of the skin and some mild peeling for a few days. However, the medium peel may give you additional crusting and scabbing for between five and ten days. A deep chemical peel it will take at least a month for your skin to stop shedding and for the scabbing to dissipate.

# 4 Find a Reputable Clinic and Doctor

After you have determined if a peel is right for you, locating a quality clinic is critical. Bali offers a number of facilities that cater to international visitors–and the vast majority of them are excellent. It is worth putting your mind at ease entirely by booking with a reliable clinic. After all, it is your face and you don’t want take any chances and allow just anyone to put an abrasive chemical on it.

If you book through Medical Departures you have the confidence that we have already performed quality checks, confirming doctor qualifications and professional memberships. You can check out some of our listings, where you will see we also publish verified patient reviews, clinic photos, before & after photos, prices and much more. Former patients give these two clinics high marks:

# 5 Secure the Best Price for Your Chemical Peel in Indonesia

The table below shows the average price of chemical peels in Indonesia compared to other countries. While these savings are already substantial with Medical Departures we guarantee you the best prices available .



NZ $

UK £


US $


Mild/Moderate Chemical Peel Cost – Home







Mild/Moderate Chemical Peel Cost – Indonesia







If you’re interested in chemical peels in Indonesia get in touch with our Customer Care Team to book an appointment, or to find out more.

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