Tips on finding a good surgeon in Cancun for a mommy makeover


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When you are done with having your babies you will notice that you body has changed. Your breasts may have become bigger or smaller and may be sagging. Your abdomen may look bigger and you may have a paunch. After mommy makeover you should have a flat tummy and perkier breasts.

How many surgeries are used for a mommy makeover?

You will probably require your breasts and abdomen attended to. For your breasts you may require a breast lift along with a breast reduction or a breast augmentation, depending on the shape and size of your breasts. For a flat tummy a tummy tuck is called for. This may be mini or major, depending on your current physical state.

A tummy tuck will tighten the muscles and remove excess skin. While it may not get rid of all your stretch marks, the doctor can make sure that the extra skin is cut in such a way that these are minimized. If you have extra fat deposits on the waist or hips, then liposuction can be used. If you want to tighten your vagina then a vaginoplasty is the answer. It is best to wait at least one year after having the last of your babies for mommy makeover in Cancun to allow your body to heal naturally after the delivery.


Tips on finding a good surgeon in Cancun for your mommy makeover

When you are traveling to another destination for major surgery, you should do all the research required before going in for surgery. Here are some tips on finding a good surgeon in Cancun for your procedure:

  1. Look for board certified plastic surgeons. Many may even have international affiliations and these bodies have strict standards.

  2. Make sure that the facility has good quality operation theatres and modern conveniences. These ensure your safety.

  3. Inquire via email regarding rates, time taken for surgery, how long you need to stay in hospital and when you will get clearance to go back home. The answers you get will point you in the right direction as vague replies may raise suspicion.

  4. Ascertain that the surgeon has performed many such surgeries and is experienced.

  5. If possible, communicate with past patients who have had this procedure to get a better understanding of the quality of the surgeon.

Alternatively you can simply book via Medical Departures since we have a number of checks and balances in place that result in your getting a good surgeon in a top quality medical facility. The recommended surgeons in Cancun for mommy makeover are Luz Del Carmen Lopez , Dra Martha Patricia Panama and Dr Rafael Velasco Marin .

What is the mommy makeover cost in Cancun?

As procedures and surgeries are customized according to individual requirement, the price will vary and depend on how many and which surgeries you require. What would cost you around US$13,000 (CAD16,395, £9,825, €10,983, AUD16,407, NZD17,576) in an advanced country would cost only US$7,500 (CAD9, 458, £5,669, €6,336, AUD9,466, NZD10,140) in Cancun.

Book your mommy makeover in Cancun via Medical Departures and regain your pre-pregnancy contours.

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