Top 10 Most Searched Surgical Cosmetic Treatments in 2019


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More people than ever before are choosing to have surgical cosmetic treatments, and the number of different types of body enhancing procedures just keeps on growing. In addition to the increasing popularity of plastic surgery , patients from industrialized nations are traveling abroad by the millions to countries where they can enjoy the latest in high-quality aesthetic medicine at a more affordable price.

The proliferation of online medical resources allows new patients to find out everything they want to know about the latest cosmetic treatments. With the help of Medical Departures, arranging your low-cost treatment abroad is simple and takes just a few minutes. To help you choose your next aesthetic procedure here, in no particular order, are the top ten most researched surgical cosmetic treatments in 2019.

1. Breast Augmentation

Also referred to as breast implants or breast enlargement, breast augmentation focuses on changing the shape and increasing the size of your breasts. You can achieve different results by using saline or silicone implants, plus placing implants beneath or above the muscle in your breast has a different effect too.

You will need to speak to a plastic surgeon to find out how to achieve the results you desire. Dr. Jenny Bracamontes Blanco at Innovare Cirugia Plastica in Zapopan, Mexico , is a highly-trained plastic surgeon who speaks both Spanish and English. Not only will you receive expert treatment, but breast augmentation prices in Mexico are often over 60% cheaper than in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

2. Tummy Tuck

The proper medical term for this procedure is abdominoplasty, and it is often carried out after liposuction as a comprehensive weight loss treatment. Many international patients choose to have a tummy tuck in Thailand , and Bangkok’s KTOP Clinic has a 5-star customer satisfaction rating along with more than 200 verified past patient reviews.

3. Brazilian Butt Lift

Enhancing the size and shape of your bum can be achieved with a Brazilian butt lift. You might also hear this procedure called buttock augmentation, and it involves the use of fat grafts. To put it simply, fat is removed from one location of your body where you do not want it and transferred to your backside. Your buttocks can then be shaped to appear rounder and fuller.

For a Brazilian butt lift in Bangkok , we recommend you consider booking an appointment at the Asia Cosmetic Hospital . The head doctor here is Dr. Tanongsak Panyawirunroj, a highly-trained plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience performing cosmetic treatments.

4. Rhinoplasty

You might be wondering what exactly is rhinoplasty , but no doubt you are familiar with the term nose job. They are both refer to a cosmetic procedure focusing on changing the shape of your nose. Perhaps you have flaring nostrils or a large hump on the bridge of your nose. Both these issues and more can be fixed with rhinoplasty.

For low-cost rhinoplasty, Phuket prices are hard to beat , and one of the best cosmetic surgery clinics on the island is the Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute , located within the JCI-accredited Phuket International Hospital. All the plastic surgery specialists working here speak English.

5. Liposuction

One of the most popular weight loss treatments available, liposuction, or lipo for short, is a safe and effective way to shift stubborn fat. A variety of different areas of the body can be treated, including your chin, arms, hips, and stomach. This treatment works by removing excess fat in your body with the use of suction.

A number of different types of liposuction exist, with the most common being tumescent liposuction. Other varieties include ultrasound-assisted liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction, and power-assisted liposuction. Speak with a certified liposuction specialist at the Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital to find out which type of liposuction will work best to achieve the results you desire.

6. Eyelid Surgery

If you suffer from bagginess on your lower eyelids or have excess skin clearly visible on your upper eyelids, you could benefit from eyelid surgery. You might hear his procedure called an eye lift (or blepharoplasty), and it works by removing skin, muscle, and fat from your eyelids.

You can save money on eyelid surgery in Malaysia , where the price for this type of treatment can be over 70% cheaper than in cities like London, New York, Sydney, and Vancouver. Clinic RX is a highly-rated eyelid surgery clinic in Kuala Lumpur, founded by Dr. Choi Seok Min who has over 20 years experience in this field of plastic surgery.

7. Breast Reduction

If you have particularly large breasts, reducing their size can help you achieve a bust that is more in proportion to your body. A breast reduction can also help to relieve back and neck pain that can be caused by heavy breasts. This type of plastic surgery involves removing breast tissue and also relocating the nipple to a position higher up on the breast.

For a top plastic surgeon to perform your breast reduction in Mexico , look no further than Dr. Juan Gordillo. His modern clinic at the Centro Medico Puerta de Hierro Sur in Guadalajara is equipped with the latest medical technology, and his professional team of clinicians speak both English and Spanish. Many patients have written positive reviews of their experience with Dr. Juan Gordillo, which you can read here at Medical Departures.

8. Mommy Makeover

Bearing a child changes a woman in so many ways. The mommy makeover uses a combination of different aesthetic treatments to restore the shape and appearance of a mother’s body. Treatments include breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and others. Once you have consulted your plastic surgeon and decided what result you want to achieve, a treatment plan can be created.

Kamol Hospital in Bangkok offers affordable mommy makeovers , and the multi-disciplinary team of cosmetic specialists working here ensure a wide range of aesthetic procedures are available. Since opening in 2009, its strict adherence to international medical standards has earned the hospital accreditation from the Joint Commission International.

9. Facelift

Sagging skin on your face, deep lines around your mouth, and deposits of fat beneath your chin can all be remedied with a facelift. It is one of the most common types of plastic surgery; over 100,000 women had a facelift in the United States during 2016. The number has continued to rise since then, as well as the number of patients seeking out a more affordable facelift abroad.

To achieve a more youthful-looking appearance at a lower price than your local plastic surgeon charges, consider having a facelift in Mexico . Mexicali, in Baja California, is home to the Hospital de la Familia, a 5-star rated medical facility where a facelift is 70% cheaper than the average price in the United States.

10. Breast Lift

As women age, their breasts naturally begin to sag but lost elasticity can affect young women too. A breast lift, or mastopexy as it is referred to medically, is the surgical procedure to raise up your breasts. This type of plastic surgery also relocates the nipple so they do not appear to be drooping, as is often the case. Some contouring of the breast also takes place to achieve your desired aesthetic.

It is important to choose a well-equipped hospital with a solid reputation for your breast lift surgery. Opting for a medical facility in Thailand has the potential to save you thousands, and the JCI-accredited Yanhee Hospital Health & Beauty in Bangkok is one of the best hospitals in the country. Patients from 162 different countries have been treated here since 1984, and people from any part of the world are always welcome.

Arranging to undergo any of the treatments listed in this article can be done online right now. Use the Medical Departures online appointment scheduler to book your cosmetic surgery appointment at affordable hospital and clinics all over the world. If you need any help with your booking, call the Customer Care Team for assistance.


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