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An Overview of the Top 2 Butt Lift Clinics San Jose Has to Offer

If you want to get your butt enhanced, you should consider travelling to San Jose, Costa Rica. The suggestion may seem incredible, but consider the benefits. For one thing, you can save as much as 70% on surgery costs in Costa Rica. The average cost of butt lift surgery in the US is $13500 (CAD $ 16445) but in Costa Rica, it is $3958 (CAD 4821). But if you are worried about the quality and safety of surgery offered in this country, the following descriptions of the top 2 butt lift clinics in San Jose will dispel any doubts that you might have in this regard.

If you are interested in getting a butt lift, review San Jose and learn more about what it can offer you as a medical tourist, particularly if you are interested in cosmetic surgery. As we discuss the best hospitals for butt lift in the country, you will begin to see why this country is a popular medical tourism destination for Americans.

Pablo Solis

Dr. Solis is regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in Costa Rica. After his graduation, Dr. Solis has completed a Fellowship in Plastic Surgery. He is also associated with the Plastic Surgeons Society of Costa Rica. At this clinic, both local and foreign patients can get a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures such as butt lift surgery, breast enlargement, tummy tuck and facelift. The clinic offers non-surgical treatments like Botox and dermal fillers.

These treatments cannot only enhance your aesthetics, but also boost your self-confidence. Dr. Solis also use techniques like microsurgery, which restores function comprised through trauma or birth defects.

The medical team at this clinic is bilingual, and they focus a lot on clear communication to help clients discuss their goals and expectations. That is why this clinic has a solid track record of successful results, especially for butt lift surgeries.

On a side note, this clinic operates another facility in Liberia.

Medspa Delicate

This clinic is known for its innovative approach to plastic and reconstructive surgery, aesthetic medicine, and rejuvenation treatments. This clinic is also an excellent facility for general medicine.

The Medspa Delicate clinic is one of the best for butt lift surgery in Costa Rica because they use the most advanced technologies and the most innovative techniques. This approach ensures results beyond patient expectations.

The clinic also has a great line-up of surgeons, including the reputed Dr. Miguel Alfaro Davilla. Dr. Davilla has attended the University of Costa Rica as well as the University of Michigan and the University of Missouri. Thus, he is fully-qualified for procedures like butt lift surgery. Other surgeons at this clinic are also qualified and have years of experience in the field.


Top 2 butt lift hospitals San Jose has to offer. Owing to their excellent facilities and medical teams, these clinics ensure high standards and safety of surgical procedures in San Jose, Costa Rica. Feel free to get personalized quotes from these clinics

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