Top 5 Breast Clinics in Mexico


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Looking to give your boobs a well-deserved boost? Want to regain enhanced breast volume and perkiness at a fraction of the price? Save more than 60% on breast augmentation treatment in Mexico with Medical Departures.

Receive top-notch, superior cosmetic care from one of our fully-approved Mexican clinics. Relax and recuperate in style and take advantage of high-quality, affordable cosmetic care.

Brimming with stunning beaches, fine dining and Aztec history, many budget-conscious Americans and Canadians cross-border patients are benefitting from Mexico’s burgeoning medical tourism sector.

Why Choose Mexico For Cosmetic Breast Surgery?

Considered to be one of the world’s most rapidly growing medical tourist destinations, Mexico’s proximity to the US and Canada make it a cosmetic care dream for patients seeking to escape the high cost of cosmetic treatments at home. All the better if you or a companion can combine your procedure with a pre-treatment holiday, or post-op recovery in a chill setting.

Offering travellers a blend of cultural heritage and European cultures, medical travellers can enjoy modern beach resorts, ancient historical sites and colonial cities. Thanks to globalized medical standards, cross-border training and international professions, you can expect excellent care from our quality-checked doctors, adhering to the best practices from around the globe.

Catering to international patients, many of our fully-approved Mexican doctors are registered with organizations such as the American Medical Association (AMA) or the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), adopting the same rules and regulations as US doctors.

Our highly-reputable Mexican clinics boast the latest diagnostic equipment, bilingual staff and contemporary interiors, ensuring a first-class, patient-focused experience. For example, Jenny Bracamontes Blanco is part of the Medical Society building and has been operating for more than two decades. One of the most state-of-the-art facilities in Guadalajara, the clinic provides fully-equipped operating rooms and recovery suites with 40-plus staff members, surgeons, medical staff and doctors.

With idyllic beach resorts, rich heritage and diverse cities for both pre and post-surgery, it is no wonder Mexico proves irresistible for so many North Americans, combining cosmetic surgery with an exotic vacation—at a fraction of the price compared to home.


Clinics in Mexico—Overview

Medical Departures makes the decision-making process seamless thanks to our rigorous background-checks on all our Mexican clinics. We also vet doctor memberships, qualifications and even perform on-site visits, ensuring that our patients know what to expect.

Our top 5 breast augmentation clinics in Mexico:

Check out virtual clinic tours, high-res images and verified breast augmentation review Mexico cases.

What is the Price of Breast Augmentation Compared to the US and Canada?

Save more than 60% on breast augmentation;

  • Breast augmentation in the US: $11,500

  • Average breast augmentation cost in Mexico: $4,300

Why Choose Mexico?

Bordering Belize and Guatamela, Mexico is a medical tourism magnet for American and Canadian patients with easy access by air to cheap, top-quality cosmetic care. Its rich bio-landscape, 33 World Heritage sites, powdery-white, palm-filled beaches and national parks make this an ideal location to relax and recover.

Visit Puerto Vallarta, home to a rich nightlife scene and exotic beaches, head to Cancún on the Yucatán Peninsula, moments from the Caribbean Sea or explore Mexico's pre-Hispanic civilizations featuring Teotihuacán’s awe-inspiring pyramids and the ornate Mayan temples of Palenque.

Adrenaline-fueled activities range from abseiling to water sports, whilst culture-vultures can discover Mexico City’s many museums, art galleries and stunning architecture.

Staying in Mexico

Accommodation options vary across Mexico with boutique-style hotels along with well-established hotel chains, such as Palace Resorts, Holiday Inn, Best Western, and Four Seasons. Adventurers and backpackers will find also numerous wallet-friendly hostels; families and companions might look into the large array of airbnb lodging options.

What Is the Next Step?

Find a quality-checked surgeon  with our extensive listings. When you are ready to book, contact our dedicated Customer Care Team if you'd like to know more about breast augmentation in Mexico.

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