Top 5 Clinics in Bali for Medical Cosmetic Surgery


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As the demand for cosmetic surgery increases in the west, medical facilities have sprung up all over Asia and Latin America to meeting this growing need. This is because cosmetic surgery is highly expensive in countries like the U.S. and U.K., whereas countries like Indonesia are offering the same level of service but at extremely lower costs. In this article, we talk about the best cosmetic medical clinics in Bali that you should know about.

What Makes Bali a Great Medical Tourism Destination?

Bali surgery clinics are some of the best in Asia. That is why these hospitals attract patients from the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. These are people who are seeking treatments like Botox, acupuncture, and even complex cosmetic procedures. The top surgery hospitals in Bali offer a variety of surgical and non-invasive procedures. Let us now check some of the best clinics in Bali for cosmetic surgery.


Top 5 Clinics in Bali for Cosmetic Surgery

Five popular cosmetic medical clinics in Bali are as follows:



Most of these clinics have been in operation for several decades, but some are newly built. For instance, Nu-Mi started in 2015 under the auspices of Dr. Fenni Liem and his highly qualified staff. However, in addition to their experience, these top surgery clinics in Bali are equipped with the latest technology and follow international hygiene protocols. This busts the myth believed by some people in the west that medical tourism is cheap because the hospitals are of a lower standard.


But nothing can be further from the truth. On the contrary, clinics like BIMC (which many consider being the best hospital in Bali) cater almost exclusively to foreign patient offering all kinds of frills that you are used to back home.


However, we have mentioned various times that you should only select a clinic after you have done your research. You can easily find the review of any hospital in Bali online, which brings us to the next point.


Bali Surgery Clinics Offer Convenience

The great thing about medical tourism is that it offers you a lot of conveniences. Undergoing surgery is not easy, and that too in a foreign country. The top clinics in Bali realize this, which is why they try to make your experience as smooth and simple as possible. There are clinics that will offer you transport from the airport to your hospital. A great example in this regard is BIMC, which works in close connection with a top international hotel chain, offering quality accommodation to its patients.


Now you can find the best clinic in Bali by reading reviews on the internet and also find a great travel package so that you get a chance to enjoy a nice vacation. So there you go – you know which are the best cosmetic medical clinics in Bali.

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