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Thousands of Westerners Seeking Services of the Top Bali Hospital Every Year

It is not unlikely to find an American or Australian being operated in a Bali hospital, mostly for cosmetic procedures. And this trend is increasing with each passing year. Tourism for cosmetic surgery appeals to those who are looking to travel to new countries and save money while they get operated on. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about cosmetic surgery in Bali and also list the top 5 hospitals on this island province.

Cosmetic Surgery: A Brief Overview

Many people wonder how cosmetic surgery came to be associated with tourism and a vacation. After all, they ask, how can you enjoy your trip while recovering from surgery? However, they are missing the bigger picture. Thousands of westerners are flocking to countries like Indonesia and Thailand for all sorts of cosmetic procedure because they are aware of the innumerable benefits of this arrangement:

Save Money

Perhaps the primary reason why someone from America or Australia would end up in a Bali hospital for cosmetic surgery is due to reduced costs of treatment. Some of the top clinics like BIMC also offer exclusive packages for out-of-country patients, a common practice in countries that promote medical tourism. This, however, is not the only reason why people engaged in tourism for cosmetic surgery.



Cosmetic surgery in Bali (or any destination for that matter) allows you to undergo plastic surgery without facing people you know. Plastic surgery is potentially a life-changing procedure and sometimes it takes considerable confidence to face people that you know right after the procedure. Medical tourism ensures that you can at least recover in peace without the fear of prying eyes.



Most people only get limited time off work, which they can use either for surgery or for a vacation. But medical tourism allows you to do both. Undergoing surgery in BIMC Bali affords you the rare opportunity of taking a vacation in the beautiful island province of Bali.



Finally, remember that access to the best hospitals for cosmetic surgery in foreign countries is now easier than ever. The influx of tourists who come to Bali every year encourages the top hospitals in the region to make the surgery process for foreign patients as stress-free as possible. Depending on the hospital you choose, you can expect one or more of these additional services:


  • Pick-and-drop from the airport to the hospital

  • Pick-and-drop from the accommodation to the hospital

  • Low accommodation costs as part of the package

  • Bonus services, like spas

Top 5 Clinics in Bali

You can always search online or ask around to find the best cosmetic surgery in Bali. To save you the effort, we listed the top 5 Bali clinics:

Why Bali?

More and more people are interested in cosmetic surgery not just as a way of treating scars and burns from accidents, but also as a way to boost their self-confidence and their careers as well. However, cosmetic surgery is an expensive affair in countries where these services are sought the most. That is why hospitals like BIMC Bali have expanded their operations to provide low-cost yet high quality services like face lifts and breast reconstruction to western patients. All they need to do is to look for the best Bali hospital online and book an appointment from the comfort of their homes.

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