Top Facelift Clinics in Tijuana


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Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center

The Molding Clinic in Tijuana is located at Blvd. Sánchez Taboada #1250-A (Zona Río), Tijuana, Baja California, 22010. Founded 18 years ago, the clinic has now grown exponentially and provides more than 20 cosmetic procedures for all patients in the area and those who travel to Tijuana to receive excellent cosmetic care.

The Molding Clinic is under the leadership of Dr. Jose Martin Martinez, founding plastic surgeon, with more than 20 years of experience and affiliated with the Academy of Cosmetic Surgery of Mexico and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. At the Molding Clinic Cosmetic Surgery Center, affordability of care is one of the main motivators for local and international visitors. Facelift surgery starts at prices as low as USD 5,750 (CAD 7,761).


Cammel Plastic Surgery Clinic

Cammel Plastic Surgery Clinic is one of the facelift clinics that provide for patients in the area of Rosarito, San Diego, Baja California. The clinic has been existent for 17 years to the date, and focuses on both minimally invasive (non-surgical) and surgical solutions for cosmetic needs. The clinic also ranks very high among Medical Departures patients who had a facelift.

Matter-of-factly, our Tijuana facelift review indicates that a lot of patients who went there really appreciated the work done by Dr. Camacho and his multi-disciplinary team. At Cammel, facelift cost starts at USD 4,500 (CAD 6,074) which is more than 4 times cheaper than the US and Canada average, USD 18,033 (CAD 24,340).

Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel’s Clinic

Dr. Ricardo Vega Montiel is one of the top facelift surgeons in Tijuana. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Vega is nationally and internationally known for his track record of excellent care in the aesthetic and cosmetic field. Dr. Vega is certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and is bilingual (English and Spanish). His clinic is located at Blvd. Agua Caliente 4558, Centro Medico CM3 Col.Aviación, Tijuana, Baja California, 22014 and caters for both male and female patients, locals and foreigners. Facelift cost at Dr. Vega’s clinic ranges between USD 5,000 - 7,000 (CAD 6,749 - 9,448) compared to the US and Canada averages of USD 18,033 (CAD 24,340).

Other amazing clinics include: amazing facelift before and after pictures include:

Advanced Health Medical Center (located in Diego Rivera No. 2339-101 A, Zona Urbana Río, Tijuana, Baja California, 22010)

Dr. Isabel Balza Mirabal’s clinic (on the 8th floor of the hospital Angeles),

Cella Stem Clinic (Hospital Angeles Tijuana Av. Paseo de los Héroes #10999).

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Tijuana clinics for facelift surgery are affordable, accessible and provide excellent care at low prices.