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Different methods are used, such as fat grafts, lip implants, synthetic fillers, etc. The success of your procedure depends on many factors, including the experience and expertise of your cosmetic surgeon. So, if you are looking for an overseas destination where you can get great results and an affordable cost for your lip enhancement, Guadalajara in Mexico may well be somewhere to consider.

Here are some of the best lip enhancement surgeons that we recommend in Guadalajara.

Dr. Jenny Bracamontes Blanco

Dr. Jenny Bracamontes Blanco is one of the top rated cosmetic surgeons in Guadalajara. A graduate from the University of Guadalajara, she is now a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and is affiliated with the Mexican Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Mexican Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and the Innovare Group of Surgeons. Dr. Blanco has been working for close to 10 years and currently runs her own plastic surgery clinic (located at Innovare Cirurgia Plastica), which provides cosmetic surgery of the entire body and the face.

Dr. Robert Anguiano Yazbek

Dr. Robert Anguiano Yazbek has been working in plastic and reconstructive surgery for about 23 years, providing cosmetic solutions to both men and women coming to Mexico for cosmetic care.


He is a bilingual, board-certified surgeon, and a graduate from the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara. He is affiliated with the National Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Mexico, as well as the American Federation of Plastic Surgery. At his clinic, emphasis is put on integrated patient care, ensuring that all aspects of patient care is taken into consideration. Dr. Yazbek provides cosmetic surgery of the butt, face, stomach, as well as weight loss surgery.

How Much does Lip Enhancement Cost in Guadalajara?

Working with Medical Departures will guarantee you the best rates when it comes to lip enhancement price. Guadalajara clinics we work with offer competitive prices compared to what you would otherwise pay in the USA or Canada. For instance, at Dr. Jenny Bracamontes Blanco’s clinic, lip enhancement cost starts at USD 692 (CAD 934; EUR 645; GBP 540; AUD 917; NZD 984) compared to USD 2,687 (CAD 3,627; EUR 2,505; GBP 2,098; AUD 3,562; NZD 3,821) which are the estimated prices in the USA or Canada.

At Dr. Robert Anguiano Yazbek’s clinic, lip augmentation prices start at USD 2,000 (CAD 2,700; EUR 1,865; GBP 1,562; AUD 2,651; NZD 2,844).

When it comes to lip enhancement, Guadalajara is a great destination and the clinics and you’ll find there are surgeons who have a lot of experience and expertise with this procedure. Before and after lip enhancement pictures from patients who did their lip enhancement in Guadalajara can be made available if needed, and it can help you in deciding whether the procedure is for you.

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