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Let’s face it! There may come a time in our lives when we want to achieve a younger look. Facelift surgery, or rhytidectomy, is one of the procedures most commonly requested by both men and women who want to look as young as they feel. But, where to have the procedure done? Where to find a reliable surgeon? Well, read this facelift review Mexico City to see why that destination is a favorite choice.

A facelift is a surgical procedure that rejuvenates your appearance by overcoming signs of aging in the face and neck, including:

  • Loose skin and excess fat that can appear as a double chin or "turkey neck";
  • Relaxation of the skin on the face causing sagging, or jowls;
  • Deepening of the wrinkles and creases around the eyes, nose and mouth;
  • Fat that has fallen or has vanished.

At one time, facelifts were just for celebrities and the super-rich. Whilst facelift surgery can still be very expensive, opting to have the procedure done in a less expensive venue can make it affordable for everyone. With facelift treatment costing some 30% less in Mexico City, plastic surgery procedures are becoming more commonplace these days. Facelift prices vary from one clinic to another and also according to the extent of the work needed. In Mexico City, you can be assured of high quality yet affordable facelift treatments. Here is the average pricing of facelifts in Mexico City compared to other countries:


























With Medical Departures, you can get free quotes for facelift treatments. Some of the Mexico City clinics offer their treatments in conjunction with packages and promotions . Other advantages include non-existent waiting times and considerably lower charges for prescription medicines during aftercare.

Private Mexico City hospitals are considered to be the best in the country and on a par with the high standards of quality and care in US medical facilities. From our facelift review Mexico City, we endorse the following Medical Departures pre-screened Clinics:

Sastre Cirugia Plastica

The founder of Sastre Cirugia Plastica, Dr Hector Sastre and his team are committed to working with you to achieve great results. Dr Sastre studied general, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and has expertise in a number of specialist cosmetic surgery disciplines, including facelift surgery. Having taken a number of courses in USA, he is certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as well as the Mexican Council of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the Mexican Association of Plastic Surgery.

Natural Change

The Natural Change Clinic is equipped with the latest technology available and offers an extensive plastic surgery program, including facelifts.

Eduardo Camacho

Dr. Eduardo Camacho Quintero has more than twenty years of experience in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is highly competent in many cosmetic procedures, including facelifts. He is a member of the Mexican Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Eduardo is based in the Angeles Mocel Hospital, a modern, multi-storey complex that boasts state-of-the-art equipment throughout.

Click on the clinic links above to see facelift before and after pictures Mexico City.

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