Top tips to find a reliable breast revision surgeon in Tijuana


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Tijuana has high-qualityty medical centers with top-notch and experienced plastic surgeons. When you have already spent money on your primary procedure, you probably would like the revision surgery done at a reasonable rate. When you look for breast reconstruction reviews, Tijuana should come up in your page hits.

Some tips to find the right breast revision surgeon in Tijuana

How would you find a reliable breast revision surgeon in Tijuana? Here are some tips

  • Look for board certified plastic surgeons. Most have either local or international affiliations.

  • Check online forums for reviews, particularly for the surgery that you want. Reviews should be largely positive.

  • Make sure that the surgeon is experienced and is adept at breast revision surgeries. Remember that in a medical tourism destination, the doctors will have more hands-on experience since they see a large number of patients.

  • He or she should be practicing at a top hospital or have his or her own clinic with top amenities.

  • Communicate with the doctor via email or phone/Skype and make sure that all your questions and concerns are addressed.


What does breast revision surgery entail?

If you only want revision to change the size of the implants or remove them, the surgery is quite simple. However, if you have implant rupture, capsular contracture, rippling or synmastia (where the breast pocket merge, giving the appearance of a unibreast) or any other problem, the surgery can take longer.

However, the breast revision procedure is done under anesthesia so you will be out for the duration of the operation. After care is important and the healing will take around as much time as the first surgery, so you can expect to take it easy for four to six weeks.

Top breast revision surgeons in Tijuana

At Medical Departures we check all aspects of the clinics we list and investigate the qualifications of the plastic surgeons working at the clinics to ensure your safety. We offer the best price guarantee as well. Among the top clinics for breast revision surgery in Tijuana are:

Ricardo Vega Montiel – working out of his own clinic, Dr. Vega is experienced in all kinds of surgical treatments including all kinds of boob jobs like breast revision.

Advanced Health Medical Center – a JCI accredited facility, located in the popular Zona Rio area of the city, this center has high quality medical facilities.

What is the cost of breast revision surgery in Tijuana?

In a western country the surgery will set you back by an average of AUD13,169 (NZD14,667, £8,106 €8,851, US$10,500, CAD13,016). In Tijuana, a breast revision would cost only an average of AUD4,638 (NZD5,171, £2,856, €3119, US$3,700, CAD4,586).

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