Looking for an affordable tummy tuck? Malaysia is a possibility. You can save a fortune than if you just had the procedure alone at home – and combine it with a holiday. Truly the best of both worlds.

If you’ve lost weight, and are now near your preferred weight, but not happy about how your body looks; are you tired of having to pick clothes to try to hide the excess skin in your abdomen, and want to be able to wear anything that you think looks great, then a tummy tuck may be for you. Moreover, another expected benefit of an abdominoplasty (the medical term for tummy tuck) is that your core muscles are sometimes strengthened, which can help reduce lower back pain and other physically chronic ailments.

In the United States a full tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, can often cost more than $10,000 US Dollars, $7,998 UK Pounds; AUD $12,600 Dollars, and €8,500 Euros. However, getting a tummy tuck in Malaysia can save you a lot of money. Often, in Malaysia you can save more than 40% on a tummy tuck. Malaysia is one of the top destinations for medical tourists, and it is the answer for your tummy tuck needs.

Take a look at the following review of the top two tummy tuck clinics in Malaysia:

1. Clinic d'Umra

Dr. Raft is the head surgeon at Clinic d'Umra . He got his medical degree in Malaysia, and did his advanced post-graduate studies in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in the United States. Clinic d’Umara has been providing top quality-low priced cosmetic and plastic surgery to medical tourists in Malaysia for 4 years.

At Clinic d’Umara an abdominoplasty costs no more than 18,315 Malaysian Ringgit, which is $4,263 US Dollars, $5,428 AUS Dollars, and 3,627 Euros. Moreover, a full tummy tuck costs no more than 26,970 Malaysian Ringgit, which is $6,278 US Dollars, $7,994 AUS Dollars, and 5,339 Euros. Finally, Clinic d’Umara offers a mini tummy tuck for the low price of only 15,773 Malaysian Ringgit, which is $3,672 US Dollars, $4,675 AUS Dollars, and 3,125 Euros.

2. Da Vinci Clinic

Dr. Tristan Tan is the head surgeon at the Da Vinci Clinic . He received his medical degree in Malaysia, and received an advance diploma in dermatology form the United Kingdom, and another diploma in aesthetic medicine in the United States. The Da Vinci Clinic offers an abdominoplasty with liposuction, and many other plastic surgery services. Malaysia, and specifically to Da Vinci Clinic is a great destination for medical tourists because the country offers an exotic and tropical locale with top-quality low priced procedures.

As you can see from this review of two of the top tummy tuck clinics in Malaysia, the country is the right place for a medical tourist to get a top quality, low-priced tummy tucks. Malaysia is a great destination for your surgery, as well as being an attractive destination if you are also looking to combine your procedure with a holiday.