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The rising health care costs in some of the first-world countries like the United States, Europe and Australia lead many patients to look for more affordable options overseas. If this is you then here’s some information about a tummy tuck in Costa Rica .

Why Costa Rica?

Known as an ecotourism spot, Costa Rica provides tourists with top travel services. Most of these visitors look for adventures combined with leisure activities. However, Costa Rica is also an emerging medical tourism destination offering efficient and affordable medical procedures. So, while you enjoy its forests and beaches, you can also consider this place for your medical concerns.


Of course, you won’t feel like doing much after surgery, but you can certainly partake in any activities you want to beforehand – and just recuperate and relax in glorious surroundings afterwards – the best of both worlds!

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that tightens muscles that become loose after pregnancy or removes fat and extra skin from the abdomen after weight loss. This surgery is operated with the use of general anesthetic. A full abdominoplasty usually involves:

· The surgeon makes a horizontal, curved incision (cut) near the pubic hairline, which runs from one hip to the other.

  • The skin and fatty tissue are lifted from the underlying tissue.
  • The surgeon will stitch and tighten slack or separated abdominal


  • Excess fat is removed.
  • Excess skin is trimmed.
  • The navel is repositioned.
  • The wounds are closed with stitches, tape or clips.

Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for a weight loss or exercise. If you want to consider taking this surgery, you should get advice from a doctor or a specialist surgeon recommended by Medical Departures. Why use Medical Departures ? We offer peace of mind by offering:

· Dedicated Customer Care team available to answer queries around the clock

What is the standard of medical care in Costa Rica?

We highly recommend a surgeon with high qualifications and years of experience such as Pablo Solis , who offers cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to patients. Dr. Pablo Solis works from initial consultations with patients in order to establish rapport and to achieve superior results that will meet his clients’ expectations. He offers a full range of cosmetic and restorative surgical treatments like eyelid and nose surgery, buttocks, facial and tummy lifts.

Many of his patients restored their youthful appearance as well as their self-confidence, giving him a 5-star rating and reviews that express great satisfaction.

When planning to travel for an abdominoplasty, Costa Rica must be on your shortlist. Aside from Dr. Pablo Solis, Costa Rica also has other surgeons and clinics which provide an excellent selection of health care services. Finally, another reason why you should consider Costa Rica is because its tummy tuck procedures are certainly much less expensive than those at home.

Are you ready now to get a booking for an appointment? Get an immediate solution to your concerns regarding loose skin or stretched marks in the tummy, schedule a trip and enjoy getting a tummy tuck in Costa Rica’s superb clinics . It is not a tourist destination alone, as it is also a must-visit place if you want to get quality and affordable health care services.

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