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3Want to get a Tummy Tuck: Review Malaysia and What it is Has to Offer Medical Tourists

A tummy tuck is an effective away to achieve a flat and tight abdomen. Sometimes people lose weight with diet and exercise, but they are still unable to achieve a flat stomach. Hence, cosmetic surgery proves effective in this regard. If you want to get a flat stomach, enjoy a vacation, and save money in the process, consider a medical holiday in Malaysia. This country is one of the best (and cheapest) countries to get a tummy tuck. Review Malaysia and its medical infrastructure, and you will reach the same conclusion.

Tummy Tuck Clinics for Effective Surgery

The reason why a tummy tuck in Malaysia is safe and effective is the quality of clinics in this country. Some of the best clinics for a tummy tuck are Arc Clinic , Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre , Leh Clinic , Davinci Clinic and Dr Ananda's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic .


Surgeons in Malaysia specialize in various types of cosmetic procedures and you can get the best specialized treatments in this country without any worries. Not to mention, the prices are simply phenomenal. Speaking of prices (comparisons below), they are low because the operating costs and living expenses are much lower in Malaysia.

Tummy Tuck Cost in Malaysia is Much Lower than your Country

It’s no secret that Asian countries like Malaysia attract millions of medical and dental tourists every year primarily due to low prices of healthcare and cosmetic prices. Aussies and Kiwis regularly visit Malaysia on medical trips, so a cost comparison with these countries will be helpful.

The average cost of a tummy tuck in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $14,000 and NZD $15,000 respectively, but you can get the same procedure in Malaysia for AUD $ 4,076 and NZD $ 4,362. So you can save nearly 70% of your surgery costs by getting a tummy tuck in Malaysia instead of your country. Even for other cosmetic procedures, you can save anywhere from 50% to 75% in Malaysia.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Once you find the right tummy tuck clinic, schedule an appointment immediately. This is the time when your surgeon will discuss surgery options with you and also explain the risk factors. Feel free to ask anything. You will be undergoing surgery, so you need to know everything about the procedure. Also ask for tummy tuck before and after pictures during the consultation.

Check out Medical Departures

Medical Departures contains quality-checked clinic and doctor listings throughout Malaysia. Book a tummy tuck online via our site, or speak to our Customer Care Team if there’s any questions you have.

For your tummy tuck, review Malaysia and its top clinics mentioned above for the highest-quality and the most affordable prices.

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