Tummy Tuck Surgery Penang: How To Plan Your Trip


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Today we are going to help you plan a successful medical tourism trip. The first step is to read a tummy tuck review. Penang has had many international patients arrive and receive amazing results, causing them to leave very positive feedback. Follow our steps and you could be next.

Do Your Research

You want to be as well prepared as possible. The best way to learn more about the surgery, as well as the clinics and doctors, is to read some tummy tuck reviews. These give real insight because they are written by real people, who have really been to Penang, and had the surgery done there.

Furthermore, you will want to learn a bit about Penang as well, so that you know a good area to stay. We recommend staying right in the center of George Town. This gives you easy access to some top clinics, as well as many hotel options, and both local and international restaurants.

Decide On A Clinic

You are going to need to select a clinic for your procedure. We recommend the Leh Clinic for tummy tuck surgery. The reason for this is that its head, Dr. Louis Leh, is an expert in this field. He has over 30 years experience, with an impeccable record for providing extremely high quality and safe services. Now, it is recommended you do your own independent research when making a decision, however, you can find further comprehensive information about the Leh Clinic by doing a search for it on our site.


Work Out The Costs

You will want to work out a budget for both the surgery itself, as well as the trip expenses. We have calculated the tummy tuck cost for you. Just have a look at the tables below for the approximate prices.


Price in Australia (AUD)

Price in Penang (AUD)

Price Difference (AUD)

Tummy Tuck Surgery





Price in New Zealand(NZD)

Price in Penang (NZD)

Price Difference (NZD)

Tummy Tuck Surgery




Next off, work out how much you can afford to spend on accommodation. Penang has many options ranging from around $20-$100AUD a night. Obviously the more you spend, the more luxurious it will be, however, there are still some very clean, spacious, and friendly places to stay at the lower end of the price scale.

Last off consider how much you want to spend on flights. A return ticket from Australia or New Zealand is about $1000-$2000AUD for an economy seat.

Book Flights And Accommodation

Now, once your budget is sorted you will need to actually book the flights and accommodation. Airlines constantly have sales on, so check the prices for a few different companies, to make sure you don't overpay for no reason.

For booking your accommodation just use a site like Agoda. It will automatically compare different deals, and make sure you’re booking your accommodation at the lowest rate.

Now, you know the way to plan your trip. Get started today by reading a tummy tuck review. Penang’s previous patients will inspire you to achieve amazing results, just like them. Book an appointment for your tummy tuck in Penang , or speak to Customer Care if you’d like more information.

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