What are the best facelift clinics in Chiang Mai?


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You might be looking for a clinic that has an outstanding facelift review. Chiang Mai, Thailand has plenty of facelift clinics with phenomenal ratings and repeat customers; finding one that corresponds to your specific needs is the tricky part.

Lucky for you our staff at Medical Departures has put together a short lift of the best facelift clinics Chiang Mai has to offer.

Rose Clinic – Chiang Mai

This clinic offers a very diverse set of cosmetic procedures ranging from facelifts to oral surgeries to liposuction treatments. Other services from the Rose Clinic are Cosmetic Surgery, Nose, Eye Surgery, Facial Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging Medicine.

This clinic provides you with a team of consultants as well as with a dedicated team of doctors who have access to advanced technology.

Rose Clinic offers a facelift for as low as 1,760 USD, 1365 GBP, 1,540 EUR, 2,285 CAD, 2,320 AUD, 2,420 NZD.

Western prices for facelift are as follows: 4,315 USD, 3,340 GBP, 3,780 EUR, 5,600 CAD, 5,675 AUD, 5,925 NZD.


Machita Clinic

At Machita Clinic seeks to provide their patients with outstanding results for a slimmer, younger and more confident look. With reasonable prices and quality service, Machita Clinic’s physicians and staff provide a warm and caring atmosphere within their 3-story facility.

When you come in for a consultation, you will meet your attending physician and receive detailed information on the treatment options available to you. Your physician will then give you the itinerary for the recovery periods associated with each procedure as well as their estimated costs.

The Machita Clinic offers a facelift for as low as 1,175 USD, 909 GBP, 1,030 EUR, 1,525 CAD, 1,545 AUD, 1,610 NZD.

Western prices for facelift are as follows: 4,315 USD, 3,340 GBP, 3,780 EUR, 5,600 CAD, 5,675 AUD, 5,925 NZD.

Each of these clinics can provide you with a former client facelift review. Chaing Mai is now not only a destination for vacationers but also a desired location for travelers seeking cheap cosmetic treatments. For any questions, please contact our customer service hotline.

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