What are the best nose correction clinics in Chiang Mai?


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Having trouble finding quality clinics with a good nose correction review? Chiang Mai is home to many cosmetic clinics that provide such procedures with outstanding reviews from their former clients.

This Thai city has slowly crept it’s way to one of the top plastic surgery cities in all of Thailand. Along with its beautiful scenery, Chiang Mai makes for a great cosmetic get away.

Medical Departures feels it our need to provide you with Chiang Mai’s top nose correction clinics .

Rose Clinic – Chiang Mai

We suggest the Rose Clinic because they are a loyal franchise whose priority is customer satisfaction and safety. Along with their stellar reputation Rose Clinic has nose correction reviews you can check out on Medical Departures webpage when you search for Rose Clinic.

Machita Clinic

Machita Clinic seeks to provide their patients with outstanding results for a slimmer, younger and more confident look. With reasonably priced treatments along with quality service, Machita Clinic’s physicians and staff provide a warm and caring atmosphere within their 3-story facility.


Upon arrival at your scheduled consultation meeting, you will meet your attending physician and receive detailed information on the treatment options available to you. Your physician will then give you guidelines for the recovery periods associated with each procedure as well as their estimated costs. The consultation meeting usually comes at a small fee or free of charge.

Diaa Aesthetic Clinic

DIAA Clinic by Dr. Danai is Chiang Mai’s leading beauty and skincare clinic specializing in aesthetic therapies and non-invasive cosmetic and cosmetic surgeries.

This clinic offers a wide range of affordable, high-quality treatments and services including laser skin resurfacing, facial designs and body contouring. Treatments include cosmetic injectables, ultherapy, liposuction and fat grafting, as well as varying laser and facial treatments.

These clinics are highly regarded in each of their specified regions for both their high quality and comfortable atmosphere. Don’t take our word for it though; you can check out what previous patients had to say about the clinics listed above!

When viewing each clinic on the Medical Departures website you are the ability to look at reviews by clicking the ‘Reviews’ tab on our sties feature bar.

Reviews are an essential part of what makes or breaks a clinic’s reputation. They are a great way to get insight on the clinics staff; atmosphere and even equipment that you would not be able get any other way.

In addition, Medical Departures offers a ‘Hotels’ tab on the features display as well giving you the options to search for nearby accommodations as well as transportation to help you get to and from.

Each of these clinics have a section on Medical Departures where you can check out previous patients thoughts on the clinic as well as their nose correction review. Chiang Mai is becoming a hotspot for cosmetic treatments alike and hopefully you might consider it as your surgical destination. For more information please contact our customer service hotline.

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