What are the breast reduction prices in Mexico like?


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If the large size of your boobs bothers you then for an affordable breast reduction price Mexico is a good place to go to. Mexico is close-by for residents of the U.S. and Canada, though it has visitors from all over the globe. A proportion of these tourists come only for low priced medical treatment while some like the idea of combining a holiday with surgery or cosmetic treatment as it much more reasonably priced in Mexico.

How breast reduction can help?

Over-sized breasts not only pull on your back and shoulders and cause pain, they also don’t look attractive as your physical appearance seems out of balance. If you have large breasts, you may possibly be covered by medical insurance, so serious is the problem. However, if you do not have any kind of medical insurance or don’t want to wait for the procedure or have high co-pay, you can go to Mexico for breast reduction surgery.

You should check breast reduction reviews and go through breast reduction before and after images that you can find on the net. After reduction surgery, your breast will have a more normal size, you will be able to find bras and lingerie and even outer clothes that fit you well and you will not feel conscious about your big boobs. After surgery you will also lose a couple of kilos (more or less depending on the size of your breasts).

Top breast reduction clinics/surgeons in Mexico

As there are many vacation spots in the country, you can go to any one that you favor and find a good quality breast reduction surgeon there. Some of them are:

Jenny Bracamontes Blanco – working out of Innovare Cirugia Plastica in Zapopan, Guadalajara, Dr. Jenny is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with more than 10 years of experience.

Marroquin and Sandoval – the clinic located in Los Cabos is run by Dr. Marco Tulio Marroquin, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist and Dr. Karla Sandoval, a general and plastic surgery specialist. You can get all kinds of surgeries and treatments here including breast reduction.

Juan Gordillo – Dr. Gordillo works out of Centro Medico Puerta de Hierro Sur in Guadalajara. He does all kinds of plastic surgeries and also offers cosmetic treatments.


Hospital Hispano Americano – this is one of the top hospitals in Mexicali and has a team of highly experienced plastic surgeons. It is a multi-specialty hospital that also offers plastic and aesthetic surgeries and treatments.

Maurice Aceves – Dr Aceves is a famous plastic surgeon in Mexicali and performs all kinds of plastic surgeries and treatments including breast reduction.

You can book with any of these clinics or doctors for a breast reduction.

What is the breast reduction price in Mexico?

Mexico offers reasonable prices for breast reduction. You can pay around US$3,900 (CAD4,929, £2,976, €3,386, AUD4,927, NZD5,301) in this country. In your home country you may pay around US$12,500 (CAD15,801, £9,542, €10,852, AUD15,794, NZD16,994).

As you can see the breast reduction price in Mexico is much less. So book now with Medical Departures at one of our breast reduction clinics in Mexico , and have the normal sized breasts that you want.