What are the Most Recommended Botox Clinics in Bangkok?


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When searching for botox clinics in Bangkok you are likely to come across many different doctors and hospitals. How do you know which are the best? Medical Departures specialises in verifying the best clinics and cosmetic surgeons from around the world, so you can book your botox appointment with confidence.


Bangkok is renowned as an excellent destination for medical tourism, thanks to high healthcare standards combined with the huge savings to be made on cosmetic procedures and aesthetic treatments. Combine this with the affordable hotels, restaurants, and travel costs Bangkok offers and it is easy to see why so many international patients flock here for cosmetic treatments.


The Top Three Bangkok Botox Clinics


One of the best botox clinics in Bangkok is the KTOP Clinic , conveniently located in the central Watthana district of the city. KTOP Clinic is actually an overseas branch of the respected Grand Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea, offering state-of-the-art plastic surgery to patients from across the world. Everything from botox to breast implants is available here, all at a fraction of the price you would pay in Australia or New Zealand.


Another top Bangkok botox clinic is the F Clinic , just a few minutes walk from the Nana BTS Skytrain station. Among the doctors who work here include the cosmetic specialist and dermatologist Dr. Atiya Rungjang, along with respected plastic surgeons Dr. Siwat Luanruksa and Dr. Nakarin Saleethong. Expect free parking, free Wi-Fi, and complimentary refreshments when you book an appointment here.


One more great option for botox in Bangkok is the MedConsult International Clinic , located in the upscale metropolitan neighbourhood of Thong Lor. Set up by a UK-qualified doctor, Dr. Donna Robinson, who speaks both English and Thai, this clinic has been providing expert medical care for locals, expatriates, and overseas patients since 2003. Dr. Robinson is a fully-qualified botox clinician who is happy to offer free consultations to patients who want to learn more about the procedure before going ahead with it.


Why You Should Travel to Bangkok for Botox


The Thai capital is a major air travel hub for Southeast Asia and connects to many countries across the world, including direct flights to cities in Australia and New Zealand. Ease of travel is one reason why you should consider visiting Bangkok for botox, but there are plenty more. This vibrant and bustling city is a feast for the senses which everyone should experience at least once in their lives. Ancient temples, frenetic markets, non-stop nightlife, and world-class attractions offer plenty to keep even the most energetic traveller occupied.


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All the botox clinics mentioned here have been verified by Medical Departures, a process that involves an actual visit to the clinic to check their license and take photos of treatment rooms and equipment. Any questions you still have about

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