What Are The Prices For An Eyebrow Lift In Penang?


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Are you seeking the medical destination with the lowest prices? Malaysia really can't be beaten when it comes to eyebrow lift cost. Penang is one of the nicest areas in the country, where you will be able to pay these low prices while also getting very high-quality surgery. Keep reading to find out how many thousands you can save.

The Benefits Of An Eyebrow Lift

This procedure can correct saggy skin, lines, and wrinkles around the upper eyelids and forehead. Every person is different and will require tailored surgery to meet their needs. However, what almost every patient experiences is significantly increased confidence once the eyebrow lift is completed.


Making The Journey To Penang

Penang is an affordable location with a high-quality cosmetic surgery industry. This makes it an ideal destination for your medical trip. Getting there is fairly straightforward, especially if you're from New Zealand or Australia. Both countries have many airlines flying directly to Kuala Lumper, from there it's only a very brief, and cheap, flight to Penang. These airlines include AirAsia, Jetstar, and Tigerair. Once you arrive, it's only a 30-min taxi ride into the city (George Town).

The Prices!

You are destined to save many thousands by opting to have the surgery in Penang, rather than your home country. Have a look at the amazingly low eyebrow lift costs.


Price in Australia (AUD)

Price in Penang (AUD)

Total Savings (AUD)

Eyebrow lift surgery





Price in New Zealand (NZD)

Price in Penang (NZD)

Total Savings (NZD)

Eyebrow lift surgery





Price in the UK (GBP)

Price in Penang (GBP)

Total Savings (GBP)

Eyebrow lift surgery





Price in the US (USD)

Price in Penang (USD)

Total Savings (USD)

Eyebrow lift surgery





Price in Canada (CAD)

Price in Penang (CAD)

Total Savings (CAD)

Eyebrow lift surgery




The Best Clinics

You want to select a clinic that offers these prices as well as having world-class eyebrow lift doctors. Two of our favorites are the Leh Clinic and Klinik Loh Surgery . Both these establishments have had outstanding eyebrow lift reviews left by their previous patients. This is because of their commitment to high quality and professional service, leaving people 100% satisfied. Furthermore, the facilities are extremely clean and modern, while the doctors have internationally recognized qualifications and many years of experience. In fact, Dr. Louis Leh, of the Leh Clinic, has 31 years experience.

To learn more about these surgery providers, do a search for them on this site. You will be able to read reviews, look at doctor bios, and even book a consultation.

Are These Savings Enough?

Is saving around 80% enough for you? It should be. Your holiday to Malaysia will basically be free, while you will still have thousands left over to put towards car payments, credit cards, or even the mortgage. Trust us, you won't be able to find a better eyebrow lift cost. Penang should, therefore, be your number one medical tourism destination. Get in touch with our Customer Care Team to book an appointment, or if you’ve any questions about eyebrow lifts in Penang.