What is a gastric bypass in Tijuana like?


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For a gastric bypass, Tijuana is a popular destination thanks to the low prices for this weight loss surgery. Going to Tijuana is advisable if you do not want to wait for the surgery, or your insurance co-pay is too high, or you don’t have any medical insurance at all. A gastric bypass can address your fight against obesity successfully.

How does gastric bypass help with weight loss?


When you are highly obese and have tried conventional methods of losing weight but have been unsuccessful then you may be medically advised to undergo bariatric surgery like gastric bypass. That is because obesity is a factor in many serious diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, among others.

A gastric bypass is done by stapling part of the stomach and thus reducing its size. The pouch that is created is directly connected to the intestine, bypassing the large part of the stomach. This reduction in stomach size means that you can eat only small meals and you then lose weight. If you check gastric bypass reviews you will get an idea about the efficacy of this procedure and how much weight people have lost using this method.


What is the cost of gastric bypass in Tijuana?


If you have to pay for gastric bypass surgery on your own in the U.S. or Canada it can be prohibitively expensive. You can pay as much as US$23,000 (CAD29,237, £17,835, €20,146, AUD29,971, NZD31,680) in your home country. In Tijuana you can pay an average gastric bypass cost of US$7,500 (CAD9,534, £5,815, €6,569, AUD9,773, NZD10,330).

Even if you factor in the cost of travel, stay and other expenses you still save a great deal of money.

Who are the good gastric bypass surgeons in Tijuana?


If you were to go to gastric bypass clinics that are listed on the website of Medical Departures, you will find highly qualified surgeons who are experienced in this surgery. That is because we carry out background checks on the doctors and also vet the clinics. Among the gastric bypass clinics you can choose from are

Advanced Health Medical Center – a JCI accredited facility it does all kinds of plastic and other surgeries in high quality operating rooms in a modern building. It offers a wide range of medical and cosmetic procedures and treatments.

Dr. Sergio Verboonen – is a top-notch bariatric surgeon who practices in Tijuana. He is a member of the International Federation of Surgery for Obesity (IFSO) . He practices at different hospitals and is highly experienced in all types of bariatric surgeries.

Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano - works out of Guadalajara Hospital in Tijuana. He does all kind of gastric surgeries and offers a wide range of bariatric surgery procedures. He is a highly experienced laparoscopic surgeon.

You can choose from any of these clinics/doctors that are acknowledged experts in this expertise and lose weight by following the after surgery instructions.

Book with Medical Departures at the facility of your choice for a gastric bypass in Tijuana’s reliable clinics.

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