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Are you wondering about the exact price of medical procedures? How much will a cosmetic treatment, like a nose correction, cost? Cancun has exceptional clinics providing this specific procedure at extremely affordable prices. This factor contributes to its growth in the entire story of Mexico’s medical tourism.

Nose correction, Nose job and rhinoplasty are all the same procedure. This is a unique procedure without a fixed series of steps to suit the anatomy and needs of each individual patient. The procedure is normally done through incisions at the base of the nose or inside the nose. The aim is to augment the cartilage or nose bone into the desires shape or position. It must be remembered that the procedure is non-reversible once completed.

Cancun is internationally known for its beautiful beaches that have crystal-clear waters. In addition, despite all the partying happening here, Cancun is gradually becoming known for its affordable medical services or medical tourism. Most patients who experienced the medical services in Cancun agree that it is safe to get a nose correction here as there are skilled nose correction doctors who practice in Cancun and provide great results.

Here 6 quality-checked nose correction clinics in Cancun that we highly recommend. Our Medical Departures staff have checked and verified their qualifications and experience:

1. Perfection Medical Spa . Dr Mario Alfonso Gonzalez Cepedu heads the team of 15 qualified doctors and surgeons as well as nurses, photographers and receptionists in this medical spa.

2. Dr. Jorge Barbachano is an expert in otolaryngology and head & neck surgery. He specializes in performing corrective and reconstructive nasal operations.

3. Luz Del Carmen Lopez obtained her medical degree in 1990. For more than 27 years she performed a wide array of surgical procedures in her own clinic and offering various treatments like, facelifts, otoplasty, rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty.

4. Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin offers an extensive selection of plastic surgery procedures and aesthetic treatments. He has received his training in general surgery at UNAM Medical Services Department of the Federal District.

5. Dr. Nain Maldonado is a trained and highly qualified plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery specialist with a cosmetic surgery fellowship. He offers a full range of medical treatments intended to improve one’s physical appearance.


6. Dr. Alejandro Gomez Aguirre is a surgeon who specializes in facial surgeries, neck lifts, body contouring, gluteal surgery, calf, thigh and arm surgery.

Before getting a nose correction, review the testimonies of past patients because these can be very helpful in determining the right clinic for your needs. The responses from the former patients are reflected in the satisfaction ratings of these clinics.

Another huge benefit offered by Cancun’s medical tourism is that the treatments and services they offer are inexpensive. Patients can save huge amounts on the nose correction cost in Cancun - browse through our prices and see for yourself.


























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Now you know that there is more to offer than just an inexpensive nose correction cost, Cancun provides you with a significant choice of clinics to satisfy your aesthetic needs. Come to Cancun and leave looking like another better looking you!

Carolina Rojo

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