What is Mexico like for a Breast Augmentation as a Medical Tourist?


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For women in the US and Canada, who need a breast augmentation procedure, Mexico is a great location. Mexico attracts a lot of women who need a boob job, especially those from the US and Canada as they’re close, and have really pricey cosmetic surgeries. This drives women to become medical tourists and get a breast augmentation procedure in Mexico for less. So what is Mexico like for medical tourists visiting for a breast augmentation?

It’s Convenient

Yes, in a word, it’s convenient. And you have Medical Departures to thank for the most part. But you also have to give due credit to the country of Mexico itself. You’ll be pleased, and maybe even a little surprised, to know that there’re no dearth of world-class clinics and brilliant surgeons in Mexico.

Medical Departures makes it a breeze for you to find these clinics. We list only the best clinics at top medical tourist destinations such as Mexico. This makes it easy for you to find the right surgeon for your breast augmentation procedure in Mexico. Here are 3 names you should add to your shortlist:


It’s Comfortable

The top hospitals in Mexico that cater to international medical tourists aren’t just state-of-the-art medical facilities. Many of them offer hotel-like services to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Fully-equipped, well-furnished recovery suites are not uncommon. The hospitals also highlight how they will pamper you with additional spa-like services. Overall, it will be quite a comfortable experience.

It’s Safe

This is also an important aspect of your trip to Mexico as a medical tourist. Contrary to how the country is often portrayed in popular culture, Mexico is much safer than you may think. The number of tourists visiting the country just continues to increase. Plus, the economy has grown to be very strong. The violence is mostly limited to the drug gangs; medical tourists don’t have to worry about this.

Breast Augmentation Cost – Mexico

As mentioned above, Mexico is also a cheaper country than the US and Canada. Check out the cost difference for breast augmentation:

US cost of breast augmentation in: USD $11,500

Canada cost of breast augmentation: CAD $14,382

Mexico cost of breast augmentation: USD $4,300, CAD $5,378

Best time to Visit

There actually isn’t a bad time to visit Mexico. Having said that, you can make your experience better by keeping a few things in mind. The beach resorts are at their most wonderful from October to May. The time between June and September can be quite hot and humid. Also, remember that hurricane season is from June to November so double check the weather if traveling during this time.

Remember, as a medical tourist you can also enjoy yourself indoors in a nice hotel or hotel-like hospital. You can rest and recover peacefully, away from the hectic daily life and prying eyes of people you know back home.

All in all, if you go there for a breast augmentation procedure, Mexico will offer a great experience. Now you know how.

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