What is the Cost of Breast Revision in Mexico?


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Get Best Breast Revision Price: Mexico has Got You Covered

Going for a revision surgery after breast augmentation is nothing unusual. There are a host of factors that necessitate breast revision surgery, especially dissatisfaction with the augmented implants. However, such cosmetic procedures can hit your wallets hard. For those seeking the best breast revision price, Mexico is the place to be. You can access state-of-the-art surgical facilities and expertise at prices that are amazingly low as compared to your country.

Breast Revision Price, Mexico

The average cost of a breast revision in America is $10,500, whereas in Mexico, it is $3,700. With this breast revision price, you can save 65% of your surgery costs, and thus you can get perfect breasts without breaking the bank. Even at a top-notch clinic like Mauricio Marcos Fahme, you can get a revision for $2,900, which is even lower than the market average.

So even at one of the best breast revision clinics, Mexico allows you to save a thousands of dollars as you get your desired implants with the perfect look and volume. This is the amazing cost of breast revision in Mexico.


The Value of the Discount

It’s not just that you are saving money. Millions of medical tourists head out to Mexico every year for different kinds of procedures primarily because they can save money on those procedures, but also because they are getting much more.

For instance, even with 65% lower prices, the quality of services at a top breast revision clinic in Mexico is at par with clinics in America. Dr. Fahme, whose clinic is mentioned above, is one of the top plastic surgeons in Mexico and specializes in breast implant revision surgery. He has studied medicine and surgery not just in his home country, but also in Brazil, where he acquired the necessary skills to perform surgery at par with international standards. So essentially, you are getting less for more.

To learn about the services of Dr. Fahme and his clinic, you can always read some breast revision reviews. Mexico has one of the best medical tourism industries in the world, and it is also one of the top countries for cosmetic surgery. Hence, it is the ideal location to get the best surgical expertise and facilities at the lowest prices.

The staff at Mexican hospitals and clinics also tends to be highly professional and forthcoming; they are particularly hospitable to foreign patients. So you are also getting great patient care as well.

Mexican Tourism

Another major benefit of getting breast revision in Mexico is that you can also get the best of Mexican tourism along with your procedure. Mexico has always been known for its attractive nightlife and tantalizing culinary offerings.

For American patients, Mexico is the closest country offering medical tourism services. In other words, you will save money due to the low breast revision price Mexico has to offer, and also because travelling to Mexico is cheaper than distant countries that offer medical tourism services.