What is the cost of eye brow lift in Thailand


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If your age is visible in your eyes because of the sagging skin, then Eyebrow lift is the procedure that can help remove the extra skin below the eyebrow and make you look much younger.if you are have made your decision to undergo the surgery then you must be worried about the eyebrow lift cost. Thailand offers the most advanced cosmetic surgery clinics in Asia where you can undergo the surgery at a minimal cost.

What is eyebrow lift surgery?

Brow lift is also known as forehead lift surgery. It is the procedure to reduce the appearance of sagging eyelids, wrinkled forehead and frown lines. Under general anesthesia an incision is placed at the hairline. The skin and forehead is contoured to give a toned and wrinkle free appearance. The incision is then sutured back. Brow lift being an extensive procedure, you need to inform the surgeon about your health status and habits. You will also be informed about the surgical procedure, pre and post operation care and potential side effects. You just need to take ample rest during the postoperative period and also strictly follow the instructions of the surgeon. This will help in faster healing.

What is the cost of an eye lift surgery?

Eye brow lift is a costly surgery in a western country. The cost may be as high as USD 6,747(AUD 8,944, NZD 9,595, CAD 9,107, GBP 5,268, EUR 6,291). But eyebrow lift cost in Thailand is more affordable than the western countries.


What are the best eye brow lift clinics in Thailand?

Kamol Hospital is located in the beautiful city of Bangkok. It provides all type of cosmetic procedures to its patients. Dr Kamol Pansritum is the principal surgeon in the clinic who has gained success in thousands of surgeries. Cost: USD 3,057 - 3,668 (AUD 4,052 - 4,862, NZD 4,347 - 5,216,CAD 4,126 - 4,951 ,GBP 2,387 - 2,864 ,EUR 2,850 - 3,420)

Rose Clinic Chiang Mai is a specialized eye brow lift clinic in Chiang Mai. Well equipped with modern instruments and equipments, it has been providing a smile on the face of its clients for many years now. The cost of eye brow lift surgery is about USD 847(AUD 1,123, NZD 1,205, CAD 1,143, GBP 661, EUR 790).

Intellihealth Plus Clinic is one of the top cosmetic clinic located in Bangkok. The surgeons and staffs are all internally trained and always follow international protocols. Cost: USD 847 - 1,412(AUD 1,123 - 1,872, NZD 1,205 - 2,008, CAD 1,143 - 1,906, GBP 661 - 1,103, EUR 790 - 1,316)

The Sib Clinic is a chain of clinics located at different locations. Dr Darin Moungthai, the medical director and his team provide one of the most advanced cosmetic procedures to the clients at a minimal cost. The price of eyebrow surgery can be around USD 1,553(AUD 2,059 NZD 2,209, CAD 2,096, GBP 1,213, EUR 1,448)

Drt clinic established in 2010 is a comparatively newer facility equipped with modern instruments and facilities. Dr Tanayos Suyabodha, the principal eyebrow lift surgeon at the clinic is a Board certified plastic surgeon and a fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia. Cost: USD 565 (AUD 749, NZD 804, CAD 763, GBP 441, EUR 527).

Medical Departures is always there to provide you with assistance. We request you to check out what our clients have to say about the procedure at the eye brow lift review page. Eye brow lift before and after pictures show significant positive changes and you will be impressed and motivated to get the surgery done in Thailand. We provide the most reliable information to our clients so you never have to worry about the reputability of the clinics or about eyebrow lift cost. Thailand offers the best facilities and you can just relax in the beautiful temperate islands and feel rejuvenated by our care and treatment.