What Lip Enhancement Treatments Are Available in Thailand?


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Lip Enhancement Treatments Available in Thailand

Thailand offers you a range of different lip enhancement treatments. You need to read about them and understand them before you can choose one. Of course, you also need to discuss it with your doctor/surgeon to determine which is the most suitable treatment for you.

Let’s look at the different treatments you can choose in Thailand. The first 2 are non-surgical, the rest are surgical treatments.

Fat Transfer Method

As the name goes, in this method fat is taken from one part of your body and added to your lips.


Injections are used for puffing up the lips. Common fillers used areJuvederm and Restylane.

The Lip Lift

In this treatment an incision is made below the nose to pull the skin up, lifting the upper lip. The skin at the mouth’s side can be removed for turning downward-turning mouths upwards.

Lip Implants

You can choose from synthetic or natural implants which are inserted for enhancing your lips.

Vermillion Advancement

A strip of skin around your lip’s colored part is removed, after which the lips are pulled and then stitched to the remaining skin.

Dermal Grafts

Incisions are made in the mouth for taking fat graft and positioning it under the lip lining.

The recovery time will vary from one type of treatment to the next. It can be just a few hours for injections, while take some weeks in case of a surgical option.

You can learn more about these treatments by reading about the clinics that offer them. For each clinic, you can ask them to share lip enhancement before and after photos. Thailand’s top clinics will happily share such photos as they’re proud of and stand behind their work


Top Clinics for Lip Enhancement in Thailand

You just read the different options for lip enhancement available to you. You don’t need to get confused, least of all trying to find the right clinic. Here are the names of 3 of the top clinics where you can get the best lip enhancement cost Thailand has to offer:

Compare the costs of lip enhancement in Thailand it to the average cost of lip enhancement Down Under:

Cost in Australia: AUD $3,562

Cost in New Zealand: NZD $3,821

Rest assured that the lower prices aren’t an indication of lower quality. Granted, there may be some clinics in Thailand that aren’t up to the mark. But you don’t need to worry about them. If you stick to the clinics at Medical Departures, you’re good. From authentic patient reviews to insightful lip enhancement before and after photos in Thailand, we bring you reliable information to help you make an informed decision.

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