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Thailand is well known for all types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. If you were to walk around in one of Thailand’s bigger cities you would be sure to stumble across some sort of cosmetic institute. Most people who are interested in receiving plastic surgery abroad travel to South East Asia. If you are in search of a clinic that can provide you with the quality you deserve at a reasonable price, traveling to Thailand might be your most viable option. The cosmetic industry in Thailand has been booming and expatriates are flocking to clinics spread throughout this lovely country. We are here to provide you with a list of clinics that will cater to your specific needs when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Yanhee Hospital

The Yanhee Hospital is one of Thailand’s finest. This clinic is renown for the variety of cosmetic procedures that they provide to their clients. Such procedures include breast augmentation, hair transplants, nose implants, blepharoplasty and a whole lot more!

Opened in 1984 the Yanhee Hospital has successfully treated thousands upon thousands of patients creating a popular reputation for the hospital and the doctors it employs.

Vplast Clinic

The Vplast Clinc is an extremely well known clinic and renown for the quality of its doctors as well as its low prices. Vplast Clinic has recently just cut the prices on surgeries to as much as ¼ of the previous cost.

You can have the option to set up a 1 on 1 virtual appointment with their doctors, just ask our Customer Care team about it. If you are looking into plastic surgery clinics, definitely check out what the Vplast Clinic has to offer.


Nirunda Cellport

Better known as the Nirunda Clinic , the clinic has detailed itineraries for each surgery they are able to accommodate. The guidelines of each procedure starts off by giving the ideal candidate detailed information on parts of the body that may be concerning to them. The Nirunda Clinic has a very special relationship with their patients by providing them with as much information as possible to ease away nerves.

Each of these clinics offers the same one thing, customer care. The surgeons at these institutes have a noticeable passion for the work that they perform and insure their clients that they are in good hands. If you are still not convinced, make sure to check out the reviews available under each clinic listing, or chat to our Customer Care team if you’d like further information.

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