Where Can I get a Rhinoplasty Done in Johor Bahru?


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Picking the perfect cosmetic clinic for your nose job can be a tough task. You don’t want to get it wrong, otherwise your money, your time and worst, your face might be ruined. As such, the selection process involves critical analysis of your clinic’s rhinoplasty review. Johor Bahru is located in Malaysia and a stone’s throw away from Singapore. As such, it is an uprising destination for medical tourism, provides a wide variety of tested, proven and result-oriented Johor Bahru rhinoplasty clinics that will give you the satisfaction you want at an affordable price.

Why Should I do my Nose Job in Johor?

There are many reasons why people decide to go to Johor Bahru for a nose job. First and foremost, the destination. The city is in Johor, Malaysia’s third largest state, and one of the most developed localities of the country, Johor is already a sought-after tourist destination. Added to that, is the fact that it is a mountainous state, which is a great advantage for nature lovers and hikers. The state also abounds of beautiful beaches such as Desaru beach, top adventure islands like Rawa island for those who are fond of safaris and snorkeling, or Sibu island if you simply want to relax at a seaside resort. Johor is also easy to access for those traveling from Singapore, as the state is located at the border of Singapore which it is connected to by causeways. Finally, you get to make huge savings by doing your nose job in Johor, and here is how.


How Much does Rhinoplasty Cost in Johor?

Rhinoplasty cost in Johor is can be up to 4 times cheaper than that in Australia or New Zealand. In other words, you can get the same care, the same level of expertise and the same results at a cheaper price (and don’t forget, the exotic location which makes it feel like a mini-vacation!). How is that possible? Because in Johor, not only is the cost of life cheaper than in Australia and New Zealand, but the cost of medical and surgical care and all the fees associated with your care (hospital fees, administrative fees, use of the operating room and hospital facilities, workforce - including doctors, nurses and anesthetists - are considerably reduced, which makes your overall bill much cheaper!). At the Estee Clinic for instance, you get to pay between AUD 2,067 - 2,279 (NZD 2,217 - 2,445) compared to AUD 8,098 (NZD 8,688); the later being the rhinoplasty prices in Australia and New Zealand.

Where in Johor Can I get a Nose Job done?

There are several rhinoplasty clinics in Johor, and they all operate according to national and international regulations. With that said, high quality standards are respected and followed across the board. More, the cosmetic and plastic surgeons who are employed there all underwent rigorous training and have extensive experience in a wide spectrum of cosmetic surgical procedures, including nose jobs. One such surgeon is Dr. Low Hong Chen, who is currently working at the Estee Clinic, which s one of the top rhinoplasty clinics in Johor. Dr. Low Hong Chen is a graduate from Melaka Manipal Medical College and is certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM). He has been working in his capacities for 7 years.

Before choosing a clinic for your nose job, check out their official rhinoplasty review. Johor is one of Medical Departures’ top destinations for nose jobs, and with more than 50% of savings on your original rhinoplasty cost, a solid team to take care of you from the beginning to the end and an exotic destination for a unique medical vacation for your nose job, Johor Bahru is definitely worth a shot!