Where can International patients get the best IVF prices in Bangkok?


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IVF is not new but the prices in most countries made this unaffordable. The good news is that IVF prices in Bangkok may make the process more affordable for some.

This is largely due to the booming medical tourism in Thailand and our staff at Medical Departures is waiting to assist international patients with information and recommendations about the best facilities offering this procedure. We can arrange a free quote and can assist patients withmedical finance.

Why do we suggest Bangkok

The first reason is the affordability of the procedure, and secondly the quality and success rate that our clinics achieve. In fact, prices are so low that patients can recover from the procedure with a holiday in fabulous Thailand. Patients can explore the countryside, see the bustling nightlife in Bangkok and still save money.

What is IVF?

This complex procedure helps couples with fertility problems or genetic issues. The words “in Vitro” means “outside the body”. Mature eggs are harvested from the female patient’s ovaries and in a laboratory these are fertilized by sperm from the spouse. Donor eggs or donor sperm are sometimes used where one of the partners is unable to donate healthy eggs or sperm. When talking about assisted reproductive technology this is the most effective way to conceive.

What is the procedure?

It starts with ovulation induction, where the female patient is given synthetic hormones to produce multiple eggs. Ultrasound and blood tests reveal whether the eggs are ready for retrieval. Sperm is collected once the eggs are retrieved and fertilization begins. Once an egg is fertilized and they have a healthy embryo it is placed back into the female uterus.

Price for this procedure in most countries is extremely high, not so in Bangkok IVF clinics . This is what patients will save in Bangkok.


























Medical Departures recommend the following 3 facilities in Bangkok

Samitivej hospital is a 270 bed award-winning facility in Bangkok. The hospital is JCI-accredited and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and facilities. They have a reputation as being the leading centre of medical tourism in Southeast Asia.

Bangkok Hospital is a large facility and part of a group of hospitals in various regions throughout Thailand. They have received permission from the Royal Household to display the Garunda emblem, which is high endorsement in Thailand. The facility consists of four buildings located in Bangkapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok.

Phyathai 2 opened its doors in 1987 and is a well-respected and leading one-stop medical provider in Bangkok. This state-of-the-art facility has a 550 bed capacity and 76 fully-equipped diagnostic suites. They have JCI accreditation, which is the gold seal of approval for commitment to safety and quality.

Why wait start a family now? IVF prices in Bangkok are so affordable that you deserve this opportunity to get what you so badly want. A Child!

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