Leading chemical peel clinics in Indonesia are ready to serve the medical tourism community in order to provide excellent services to international, as well as to local, patients. It is now easier for patients to maintain their youthful glow because of the affordable treatments available in the country.

Why should patients go to Indonesia?

Traveling overseas for any kind of treatment is never easy. There are so many options to consider as well as financial constraints to worry about. However, Indonesia is now becoming an ultimate stop for international patients because of the amazing savings that they can get when booking their treatments there. The clinics are on par with other first-class clinics from around the world. Many of the doctors received their training abroad, which we, at Medical Departures, have verified.

If patients still feel anxious about getting a chemical peel treatment in Indonesia, then perhaps check out a chemical peel review, or two, on our site, will put apprehensive minds at ease. It is always a good idea to read reviews from previous patients, as it can help you build up a picture of potential clinics or doctors.


What is a chemical peel?

Sun-damage and aging are just some of the many factors that have devastating effects on our face. This is where chemical peels would be a suitable solution to bring back the suppleness and youthful glow of your face. Chemical peels vary depending on the type of damage that has been done on the face. Usually, doctors can minimize the traces of damage on the skin by just using light to medium chemical peels. Since there will be chemicals involved, only well-practiced doctors or surgeons are allowed to carry out the treatment especially a deep chemical peel.

Chemical peel price in Indonesia

The price list shows the average price of a chemical peel in Indonesia.


























Visit and see for yourself

Here at Medical Departures, we recommend visiting the Nu-mi Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic . They are experts in providing real-time skin care and anti-aging treatments to international and local patients. Their head doctor, Dr. Fenni Liem, completed her training as an aesthetician in the United States. She and her team at Nu-mi Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic can provide you with non-invasive treatments at prices that anybody can afford.

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For real skin care solutions, make sure to visit one of the leading chemical peel clinics in Indonesia especially the Nu-Mi Aesthetic &Wellness Clinic. Why suffer from aging effects if you can eliminate them?