Parents in some cultures created big families because they were trying to conceive a child of a certain gender. This is mostly seen when a couple does not get a boy child. Men want to have a boy child to be an heir. Some women are afraid to have daughters due to the hostility of the world towards females.

Through in utero fertilization, gender selection is not completely under your control. However, this is 100% possible when you opt for in vitro fertilization. The doctor can select the embryos of male gender for implantation. Until the world becomes a more equitable place, one simple solution is IVF in Bangkok for a male child.


The Science.

Sex chromosomes determine the gender of the embryo. PGD differs from the other genetic testing in that only two or one embryonic cells are needed. The procedure is completed in 48 hours because the embryo should be transferred into the uterus by the fifth day.

Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) may be legally performed in Bangkok; the procedure takes between 4-6 hours.

Each chromosome in the human body has unique areas where the DNA is located. A small DNA probe is utilized in recognizing the unique patterns. It lights up when it comes in to contact with the chromosome. Each probe will reflect light in different color. This allows for testing of several chromosomes at the same time.

FISH probes for Y and X will determine the gender of the embryo. In normal cells, 2 FISH signals or lights are shown for numbered chromosomes. For females, there will be 2 X signals while a male embryo will have 1 Y and 1 X signal.

The Procedure.

To avoid inaccuracies in the results, PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) is performed in determining the gender of the embryo. Besides gender, chromosomal abnormalities are checked to help  ensure you do not give birth to a child with genetic defects.

Boys have a higher chance of having sex-linked genetic abnormalities. Having only one X chromosome, any genetic abnormally, even if recessivem, will be expressed. For parents seeking a male child, that is why PGD is done in conjunction with IVF.


Is PGD Reliable and Safe in Gender Selection?

PGD does not increase the risk of chromosomal disorders or congenital disabilities. Because it is performed before the genetic material of the embryo is activated, all the cells during implantation are identical. The one or two cells which are removed during the testing do not impede the ability of the embryo to develop fully and normally.

Two excellent internationally accredited medical centers in Bangkok, Samitivej Hospital and Bangkok Hospital, are known for their research and clinical work in gender selection.


You are allowed to store any extra eggs should you require a subsequent pregnancy.  Any healthy embryo which is not implanted can be frozen for implantation later.

When you decide to get IVF for a male child in Bangkok, review the services offered and the cost. In some of the clinics offering IVF, pictures are provided to aid you understand the process. With a good understanding of the process, anxiety is alleviated which has been proven to increase the chances of your desired outcome.

Getting Started

For further information on selecting a male child using IVF, please contact our Customer Care Team. We are always happy to help – and don’t forget that by booking through us we can offer you a range of additional services for your peace ofmind, including medical travel insurance and our best price guarantee.