Where to Get the Best Gastric Bypass - Mexico


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What is a Gastric Bypass treatment?

When you are looking for an affordable option for your gastric bypass, Mexico is one of the cheapest yet most reliable destinations in the world to get these treatments performed. A gastric bypass helps you to lose weight by changing the way food is processed by your small intestines. After the surgery, your stomach will feel smaller, less bloated and full of food.

Gastric Bypass Clinics

At Medical Departures, we have found you the best choice of gastric bypass clinics with highly-trained gastric bypass surgeons that will perform the treatments to the highest levels. If you are looking for a clinic that offers top-notch treatments and affordable prices for gastric bypass, Mexico is the ultimate destination.


Take your time to research our gastric bypass review pages that will direct you towards the best clinics and surgeons performing these treatments in Mexico. We would recommend practices and surgeons such as Dr Sergio del Hoyo , Advanced Health Medical Center , Innovare Bariatria, and Metabolic Health . These clinics operate to exceptionally high-standards in terms health and safety. You won’t find a safer experience, even back in your home countries.

What are the Gastric Bypass Prices?

If you are looking to find an affordable gastric bypass cost, Mexico has some of the cheapest prices in the world. You can literally save thousands of dollars by getting your treatments performed in Mexico as opposed to in the USA or Canada. Here are some examples of prices for gastric bypass treatments in Mexico: US $ 7,500 (CAN $9,320; UK £5,757; Euro €6,435; Aus $9,448; NZ $10,072), compared to the prices in the US $ 23,000 (CAN $29,073; UK £17,521; Euro €20,065; Aus $30,000; NZ $31,971).

Because of the massive savings, a vast selection of Americans, Europeans and Canadians are getting on a plane and visiting a wide choice of destinations across Mexico to enjoy a holiday and cosmetic treatments at the same time.

If you are serious about affording a gastric bypass, Mexico clinics can help. At Medical Departures, we have listed the most highly-recommended gastric bypass clinics that merge quality treatments and affordable prices so you have an alternative option to the expensive prices back home in the US.