Where to have your Breast Lift Surgery? Cancun, of course!


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Breasts, like people, lose their youthful beauty as we age. In time, our breasts surrender to gravity as they sag and give up their perkiness. It may be because of age, weight loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, or simply genetics. Nonetheless, our breasts are naturally inclined to change for the worst. But there is a way to battle these changes—and there is nowhere else you should fight for our bosoms but in Cancun!

What’s in Cancun?

Cancun offers Mayan temples of the old, panoramic white-sand beaches that stretch for miles on end, sapphire waters teeming with beautiful marine life, and night-long parties! Cancun is definitely the best holiday escape Mexico has to offer. Combined with the best, medical facilities for tourist looking for some aesthetic enhancements, Cancun has everything you could ever ask for in a holiday.

Why have breast lift procedures?

If you’re having second thoughts or doubting breasts lifts entirely, have a look at some breast lift, before and after, photos. Cancun results will knock you down.

Perhaps then, you’ll recognize the need for a breast lift! This medical procedure works wonders if your breasts lack the firmness you desire, the size or shape, or if you just had incredible weight loss.


How is a breast lift procedure done?

Initially, a local anaesthesia is administered by the surgeon. Incisions are made around the nipples edges, from the areola then down to the breast fold, and horizontally along the breast fold. The underlying breast tissue is lifted and reshaped to improve breast contour and firmness. Nipples are then repositioned. Large areolas are reduced in size, and excess breast skin is cut away to create tighter and tauter feel of the breast.

What is the average price for Breast Lift procedures?

Collected from clinics all over the world, the table below shows you the average rates of breast lift procedures!


























Medical Departures recommends these great clinics in Cancun:

Luz Del Carmen Lopez offers quality services such as body lifts, arm lifts, mommy makeovers, tummy tucks, breast augmentation and breast reduction. With their highly-qualified team of surgical cosmetic experts, you will be well taken care of in Luz Del Carmen Lopez.

Dra. Martha Patricia Panama is named after Dr. Martha Patricia Panama, a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon and an active member of Mexican Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (AMCPER). In her clinic, you are promised ten years of experience in quality care and results.

Dr Rafael Velasco Marin offers surgical procedures such as body contouring surgery, microsurgery, and internal ultrasonic liposculpture. With state-of-the-art medical utilities and equipment, the Dr. Rafael Velasco Marin clinic will have you beautified in no time!

Want to save even more money?

Come and avail these exclusive promotional offers from all three Medical Departures recommended clinics above!

Restore your bosoms to its former glory during your holiday with the best breast lift surgery. Cancun will lift your spirits Book now through Medical Departures and fill up those bikini-tops with your brand new, younger breasts!

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