Which one is the best body lift clinics in Malaysia?


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Losing weight isn’t the only option to look attractive. In spite of restrictive diets and cosmetic surgeries; the body cannot recover from the problems of obesity. The body is left over with sagging skin and stubborn fats on different parts of the body and for this the best treatment is body lift. Malaysia is the top country is Asia to provide highly sophisticated body lift surgeries.

Body lift is the surgical procedure to remove excess fat and skin from areas like abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Under the effects of general anesthesia, an incision is given at the surgical site to remove the fatty areas completely. The area is then contoured and sutured back to give a new shape and tone. After the surgery is complete, a tight dressing is applied to prevent swelling. A rubber drain may be kept attached to the surgical site to drain excess inflammatory fluid. Complete physical rest after the surgery is necessary for proper recovery.

Before you undergo the surgery, you should have two important points in mind:

First, you do need to discuss your aims and goals with the doctor. Secondly, you should inform the surgeon specifically about your medical health and habits.

The cost of body lift surgery is extremely high in western countries. The average expenses could be around USD 24,906(AUD 33,014,NZD 35,420,CAD 33,617,GBP 19,447,EUR 23,221). This expense gets reduced significantly if choose to undergo the surgery in Malaysia.

Sliq clinic is a leading cosmetic clinic in Malaysia. Dr. Steve Chia, the principal surgeon in the clinic has been trained in USA and is a member of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. It is one of a kind clinic well equipped to provide cutting edge treatment to its clients. Cost: USD 573(AUD 760, NZD 815, CAD 773, GBP 447, EUR 534).

Amandrey clinic is located at Penang. The surgeon along with the well trained staff has been providing top notch surgical and esthetic care for many years now. It also has an incorporated medispa that will help you rejuvenate yourself. Body lift cost is around USD 3,439 - 5,731(AUD 4,559 - 7,597NZD 4,891 - 8,150 CAD 4,642 - 7,736 USD 3,439 - 5, 731,EUR 3,206 - 5,343)


Aessia clinic is renowned for its cosmetic and surgical procedure especially its body lift and weight loss treatments. The body lift surgeons are all trained internationally and provide the best treatment at an affordable cost. USD 458(AUD 607,NZD 651,CAD 574,GBP 358,EUR 427)

Asia clinic is located at Kuala Lumpur. Dr Jimmy Teoh is one of the lead surgeons in the clinic. Dr.Teoh has years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery and has received his formal training from UK and USA. The clinic provides cutting edge procedures to its clients at a very reasonable cost at about USD 458 (AUD 607,NZD 651,CAD 618,GBP 358,EUR 427)

If your view our website in detail you can check out what our clients have to say about the procedure at the body lift review page. Body lift before and after pictures show significant changes and will indeed motivate you to finalize your decision to get the surgery done. Do not hesitate to call out customer care experts to know more about body lift. Malaysia is indeed one of the top places in Asia where you can get your surgeries done at an affordable cost.