Who are the doctors at Bangkok Hospital medical center?


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When you want to undergo any plastic surgery (or indeed any surgery) while at home you would probably go by the recommendation of family and friends or be referred by your general physician. But when you go to a foreign country you may not have this resource. As such, you would have to wade through Bangkok Hospital Doctors’ Lists recommended at different websites, or even forums, on medical tourism sites.

But are Bangkok doctors well qualified?

You may have your doubts regarding the qualifications and training of the doctors working at Bangkok. However, you can set your fears at rest as Thailand has a rigorous medical education system and the doctors have to go through it before they can get their license to practice. Moreover, many doctors do some or even all their advanced training in western countries and may be affiliated to local or international boards. Because of the excellent medical facilities, medical tourism has a high growth rate and people from all over the globe visit the country to take advantage of low cost medical care and plastic surgery. Thailand is a particularly popular destination for cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.


Many Bangkok hospitals are also JCI accredited or have the ISO standards certifications. For instance the Bangkok Hospital Medical Center, belonging to the Dusit chain, is JCI accredited. It is a large multi specialty hospital with four main buildings and two smaller ones, each one having its own specialty. Possibly it is the best hospital in Bangkok.

Cut your research time

You can reduce your research time and effort if you check out the Bangkok Hospital Doctors List at Medical Departures website. That is because we verify the qualifications, training, experience and accreditations of the doctors listed on our website. We do a thorough investigation into their background. We also vet the clinics and hospitals to make sure that they are up to standard.

You will find the list of doctors at Bangkok Hospital Medical Center quite exhaustive and their qualifications and affiliations are also listed. You will also be able to check out testimonials from actual patients on the website as well as prices. As far as prices are concerned here is a comparison:

Tummy tuck - In Australia this procedure would you cost you an average of AU$10,994 (NZD11,835, £6,302, €7,429, CAD11,135, US$8,120). In this hospital you can pay an average of AU$6,626 (NZD7,130, £3,797, €4,474, CAD6,708, US$4,891).

Breast augmentation- You may pay an average of AU$15,680 (NZD16,870, £8,982, €10,589, US$11,576, CAD15,875) in your home country but in Bangkok Hospital Medical Center you will pay an average of only AU$6,224 (NZD6,699, £3,568, €4,206 US$4,598, CAD6,301) for the same procedure.

Some of the doctors at Bangkok Hospital Medical Center

A few of the top doctors at the Bangkok Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Center at this busy hospital are:

  • Dr.Worawat Suwanraxa - Fellow in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery.
  • Dr.Poonpissamai Suwajo- plastic surgeon.
  • Dr.Jaturong Ninnagara – plastic surgeon and member of The Medical Council of Thailand.
  • Dr Ajchariya Sarovath – plastic surgeon specializing in facial surgery, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty.
  • Dr.Chalermpong Chatdokmaiprai – plastic surgeon specializing in different facial surgeries including face lifts, fat augmentation, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery.
  • Dr.Kachin Wattanawong - plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery and laser surgery.
  • Dr.Noppadol Verayangkura - plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face including face lifts, fat augmentation, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery.
  • Dr Supasid Jirawatnotai - plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgery with a special in facial surgery, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.

This Bangkok Hospital Doctors List is by no means exhaustive. The best thing to do if you have made up your mind to have any plastic surgery is book via Medical Departures for quality-checked clinics at the best prices available .