Why Choose Gleneagles Hospital Penang for Cosmetic Surgery?


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Demand for cosmetic surgery is increasing throughout Europe, North America, and Australasia, but costs remain high and unaffordable to many. As such, more people than ever are crossing international borders in search of inexpensive yet high-quality cosmetic procedures. As cosmetic treatments are not usually covered by insurance or national healthcare schemes, these medical tourists are motivated by saving money and can do so while also covering additional costs such as flights and accommodation.

The Gleneagles Hospital in Penang is a popular cosmetic surgery hospital that has received many Medical Departures patients.

Gleneagles Hospital (Penang) Review

The Gleneagles Hospital has some of the most modern and best-equipped facilities in Malaysia. Since opening in 1973 it has become a large multiple-complex facility, including multiple operating theaters with digitally operated controls, private rooms, and consultation suites. International hygiene protocols are strictly implemented: once inside you would not know whether you are in Penang or Sydney.


Surgical Expertise at the Hospital

Gleneagles Hospital has an excellent reputation among Medical Departures clients, and much credit goes to the doctors and surgeons, some of whom are highlighted here:

  • Dr. Mohana Rao

  • Dr. Lim Lay Hooi

  • Dr. Ong Mei Lin

  • Dr. Simon Lo

  • Dr. Neoh Eu Bryan

All doctors working at Gleneagles Hospital are qualified, licensed, and experienced, with most having completed some of their medical training abroad. Examples of their work are posted on Medical Departures under the Gleneagles Hospital Penang before-and-after images.

Gleneagles Hospital Penang Cost

The primary reason why people fly to Penang (other than the glorious beaches ) is to save 50% to 75% over the cost of cosmetic surgery at home. For example, the average cost of a facelift in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $26,000 or NZD $28,200, whereas the same procedures costs only AUD $6,760 or NZD $7,332 in Penang. Also on offer are the following non-cosmetic treatments:

  • Medical check-up package: AUD $144-260 NZD $155-$279

  • Angioplasty: AUD $5166-$9724 NZD $5542-$10433

  • Coronary Angiography: AUD $912-1216 NZD $978-$1304

  • Coronary Stent: AUD $5166-$9724 NZD $5542-$10433

  • Valvuloplasty: AUD $10635-$15194 NZD $11,410-$16301

  • Mastectomy: AUD $6078 NZD $6521

  • Cataract surgery: AUD $1519-$3647 NZD $1630-3912

For low-cost cosmetic or surgical treatment, the Gleneagles Hospital (Penang) has you covered . Go to Medical Departures to schedule an appointment or plan your trip.


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