Why Liposuction in Chiang Mai is a Great Idea for Medical Tourists


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Located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has emerged as a leading medical tourism destination, welcoming thousands of patients from across the world every year. The scenic beauty of Chiang Mai is a major crowd-puller but a majority of the medical tourists are flying over because of the low cost of cosmetic treatments in the city, including liposuction surgery. Chiang Mai is the perfect medical tourism destination for people who want to go under the knife in a bid to lose weight.

If you have been trying to shed weight through diet and exercise, success is not always guaranteed. In case you are not seeing the results you want and expect from your efforts, you should consider liposuction surgery. Chiang Mai is home to a number of cosmetic surgery facilities where you can undergo the procedure in a safe and comfortable environment. However, you might question the viability of Chiang Mai as a medical tourism destination, especially for an elective procedure like liposuction.

Why Chiang Mai for Liposuction

There are many reasons why you should definitely consider getting liposuction surgery in Chiang Mai. Here’s a brief look at a few:


Low Cost

The cost of the procedure in Chiang Mai is significantly lower than in Australia and New Zealand. The average liposuction price Chiang Mai’s top clinics charge is AUD $2,954 / NZD $3,271. This amount is around 65% lower than what you spend Down Under, where the average price is AUD $8,600 / NZD $9,523. The savings are substantial and will definitely help you cover some of the cost of your trip to Thailand.

World-Class Clinics

Chiang Mai is home to some world-class cosmetic surgery facilities. These clinics are on par with the top clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Even though you are paying less for surgery, you don’t have to settle for inferior quality. Plus, the best clinics in the land keep prices low. Here is an overview of the liposuction price Chiang Mai’s top clinics charge:

As you can see, you can still enjoy massive savings even if you head to a clinic with state-of-the-art medical technology and an experienced medical staff. All you have to do is browse a list of clinics on Medical Departures and select one.

Enjoy a Vacation

The aforementioned reasons for visiting Chiang Mai for liposuction are great, but there’s a great benefit that you can enjoy. Chiang Mai offers you a great combination of natural beauty, exotic culture, and a delectable cuisine. You will have a great time vacationing in Chiang Mai when you are recovering from your liposuction. With the money you are saving on the treatment, covering the cost of a holiday won’t be difficult.

So, if you are open to the idea of medical tourism and want to save money on liposuction surgery, Chiang Mai, Thailand is the perfect destination for you.