Why Medical Tourism in Malaysia is a Great Option


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Over the years, Malaysia has emerged as a leading medical tourism destination. People from across the world, particularly Australia and New Zealand; fly to Malaysia for a wide range of treatments. The main reason is that cosmetic procedures and surgeries in Malaysia cost a fraction of the prices charge by clinics in Down Under. The great thing is that you don’t have to compromise on quality or safety and at the same time, can save money on any treatment you want. Hence, it comes as no surprise that medical tourism in Malaysia is growing rapidly.

The cost of the procedures is low and the quality comparable to the standards of care and treatment you receive at clinics in Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, perhaps the only factor you need to consider is whether or not you can get the specific treatment you are looking for. Well, you needn’t worry because you can find a wide variety of elective procedures in Malaysia. Thanks to the growing market for medical tourism in Malaysia, many clinics now cater mainly to patients from other countries.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common cosmetic treatments you can find on the cheap.


The average cost of facelift in Australia and New Zealand is AUD $26,000 (NZD $28,042). On the other hand, the cost of a facelift in Malaysia , on average, is around AUD $3,415 (NZD $3,683). Some of the top clinics in Malaysia offer facelift at a low price:

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is among the most affordable procedures you can find in Malaysia. The average cost of knee replacement in Australia and New Zealand is around AUD $55,000 (NZD $59,321). In comparison, the average cost of a knee replacement in Malaysia is less than 20%, i.e. AUD $9,314 (NZD $10,045). The huge savings ensure you can easily cover the cost of travelling and accommodation.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement is quite expensive Down Under, with the average price around AUD $32,000 (NZD $34,514). However the average price of a hip replacement in Malaysia is less than a third of this amount, at AUD $9,464 (NZD $10,207).

Hair Transplant

You will not only find affordable treatments for your skin and body but for your hair as well in Malaysia. Thanks to the growing market for medical tourism in Malaysia, hair transplants are very affordable:

  • Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre: AUD $5,078 (NZD $5,477)
  • DaVinci Clinic: AUD $4,064 (NZD $4,383)

In comparison, the procedure costs AUD $12,000 (NZD $12,943) in Australia and New Zealand.


Whether you need nose correction or simply want to enhance the appearance of your nose, you can find affordable rhinoplasty in Malaysia. The procedure costs around AUD $12,600 (NZD $13,590) Down Under, while in Malaysia the leading clinics charge a fraction of that. Here’s an overview:


So, as you can see, you can find a variety of cosmetic treatments at very reasonable prices in Malaysia. Hence, you should definitely make the most of the growing market for medical tourism in Malaysia and fly out there to combine medicine and vacation.