Why Pattaya Is A Good Option For Medical Tourists


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Pattaya is home to a growing number of cultural and action-packed attractions, 5-star hotels, mega shopping malls, international restaurants, and also - many low cost, but top-class medical centers. Here are some reasons why Pattaya is a good option for medical tourists:

Low Cost of Medical Treatment

Competition in Pattaya’s growing medical tourism market has resulted in the private hospitals and clinics offering superior medical treatments at significantly lower rates than hospitals charge in other countries.

Cosmetic surgery, for example, costs around 70% less than in western countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Europe. These substantial savings can equate to literally thousands of dollars, as shown in these typical prices for a few of the most popular treatments in Pattaya:

  • Breast Augmentation (sometimes referred to as breast implants or a breast enlargement) is available for as little as AUD $3,760 (NZD $4,200, USD $3,000, CAD $3,750, GBP £2,350, EUR €2,550);

  • Liposuction starts from AUD $2,260 (NZD $2,520, USD $1,800, CAD $2,230, GBP £1,390, EUR €1,520);

  • Hair Transplants cost an average of AUD $6,270 (NZD $6,990, USD $5,000, CAD $6,200, GBP £3,860, EUR €4,215).


Top Quality Treatment Provided By Private Medical Centers

Low cost does not mean low quality. There are more than a dozen private hospitals which are new and equipped with the most up-to-date facilities. The steady influx of foreigners, and particularly the increase in medical tourists, has seen more clinics springing up to cater for them. This has created healthy competition, with the result that facilities and treatment standards remain high – and costs low.

Highly Trained English Speaking Physicians

The majority of doctors in Pattaya’s medical centers have been educated in Western institutions, offer the most up to date procedures and utilize the latest in medical equipment. All of the medical personnel are accustomed to tourists so speak fluent English. Hospital staff members not only help in selecting the right treatment package to meet patients’ needs at the right price, but can also assist medical tourists with finding comfortable accommodation.

Medical Departures’ Services

When you are considering medical procedures abroad, you need to do your research just as you would in your home country - read all the reviews, ask for references, check the surgeons’ training, experience and certifications, find out how modern the hospital is and if their equipment is state of the art.

Fortunately, Medical Departures promote only facilities, hospitals and providers with the best professional memberships, qualifications and stellar reviews. Our quality assessments also include criminal and legal checks. From our recent medical tourism review, Pattaya medical centers which meet all these criteria include:

Apex Profound Beauty Clinic

Nicha Clinic

Vplast Clinic

Easy Access

Pattaya is about a two-hour drive from Bangkok, less from the Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Buses, taxis, minibuses and limousines are also available at the airport for transport to Pattaya.

Highly Developed Tourism Industry

Pattaya has an incredible array of world-class attractions and activities with lots of choices available for those visitors wanting to create a memorable medical holiday whilst recuperating from their treatment.

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