Why Read Reviews of Breast Reduction in Kuala Lumpur?


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If you are in need of reducing the size of your breasts but have been put off by the spiraling costs at home, take a look at Medical Departures breast reduction reviews. In Kuala Lumpur , you can save thousands of dollars on this procedure, making it a popular surgical option for medical tourists from around the world.

There are many reasons why you might need a breast reduction :

  • Pain: Large breasts can cause neck and back pain.

  • Unwanted attention: Women with large breasts are often subject to a lot of unwanted attention. Breast reduction can help stop the stares and harassment.

  • Problems sleeping: It can often be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position with large breasts.

  • Issues with clothing: You may find it frustrating to find clothes that accommodate your large breast size.

  • Better exercise/lifestyle: With a more manageable breast size, you can do exercises more easily which can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.


Think about why you may want or need breast reduction . Discuss these issues with your doctor and confirm whether breast reduction is the best solution to your problems. If yes, you may wish to consider getting it done in Kuala Lumpur; aside from the quality (both in terms of safety and the aesthetics of that all-important end-result), you will save a significant amount of money.

Start your planning by reading breast reduction reviews on our site and elsewhere. Kuala Lumpur has many clinics and Medical Departures has an excellent collection of reviews of the top clinics. Scroll down to find our top recommended clinics.

Get Useful and Reliable Information

It’s best to read up on the right information before you get any medical procedure done—that goes for anywhere in the world. So, as you plan your medical visit to Kuala Lumpur for a breast reduction, reading genuine clinic reviews by previous patients can prove invaluable in this regard. You don’t need to just rely on the information provided on the foreign clinics’ websites; reviews help inform you about actual people who have taken the time to comment about their experiences--favorably and otherwise.

Set Realistic Expectations

Many of these reviews also feature useful before and after photos. These go a long way in helping you to set realistic expectations from the breast reduction you’re planning to get. Often, women are left frustrated with the results—not because of an issue with the procedure itself, but because they had imagined results that were simply unattainable due to their body composition prior to undergoing the surgeon’s knife . That’s why paying attention to these photos while going over these reviews really does help.

Discuss your needs and wants at length with your doctors and clinic. It’s better to spend some time prior instead of regretting it later on. Rest assured, the best clinics in Kuala Lumpur will be very forthcoming. They’ll try their best to answer your questions and understand the results you want to achieve by getting a breast reduction.

Zoom in on the Best Clinics

Not all clinics are alike. To get the best breast reduction, you need to find the top facilities. Thankfully, Medical Departures only lists reputed clinics that have been included after thorough research. Here are two names you might consider:

These clinics offer a fantastic combination of price and quality. Here’s a quick cost comparison:

  • Cost of breast reduction in Australia: AUD $18,000

  • Cost of breast reduction in New Zealand: NZD $19,723

  • Cost of breast reduction in Kuala Lumpur: AUD $5,934, NZD $6497

That’s a 62% discount meaning you can save upwards of AUD $12,000 or NZD $13,000. Even with those flights and accommodations cost factored in, a trip to KL for cosmetic surgery like this is clearly worth considering.

The Next Step

Click through and get personalized quotes from the clinics listed above and enjoy the savings (along with a nice city break in Southeast Asia) when opting for a breast reduction in Kuala Lumpur.


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