Why you should visit Neck Rejuvenation Clinics in Mexico


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In recent years, Mexico emerged as a global medical care provider as it offers a wide range of affordable healthcare treatments to international patients. If you are becoming unhappy with your appearance generally because of your neck, chin or lower jaw area, you might consider getting a neck lift surgery from one of the top neck rejuvenation clinics in Mexico.

There are a lot of reasons why you should get your treatments in Mexico aside from traveling to another country. Cosmetic procedures in most countries have become extremely expensive. But before we delve into that, let us look at the benefits of having neck lift surgery.

Neck rejuvenation, or a neck lift procedure, eliminates excess skin, tightens underlying muscles, and improves the contour of the jawline. It also corrects an individual’s double chin, turkey neck and improves the jowls, without leaving any unnecessary marks after the surgery. A neck lift is one of the most effective cosmetic surgeries with a natural-looking result. The surgeon makes small incisions under the chin or behind the ears to access and manipulate the neck muscle. Then all excess tissue is trimmed away and stitched in place.

Now, why Mexico? Why should you choose a clinic in Mexico for a neck lift procedure? It is safe to say there are several factors that you might find interesting. First is that its geographical location is convenient for patients coming from America and Canada. It will only take 2-6 hours traveling from across the border to Mexico.

Second, the quality of its services is on par with those in the United States as some of these doctors received their training in the US. This makes it easier to deal with international patients’ medical concerns.

Third, you can benefit much from most of their medical procedures which are available at very low prices. The same quality of services at a cost that is much lower than you can imagine. Most treatments in Mexico can save you up to 50% than the average prices of the same treatments in the United States. Here is a price comparison of their treatments that Medical Departures have prepared:


























Fourth, there are several internationally accredited healthcare facilities in Mexico.

Medical facilities that are highly recommended by us at Medical Departures are:

1. Jenny Bracomontes Blanco is based at Innovare Plastica in the city of Zapopan. The hospital and spa provide patients with aesthetic plastic surgery as well as reconstructive procedures.

2. Oneline Beauty Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art and up-to-date technologies and apparatuses utilized in sophisticated treatments. They are known to provide excellent quality services in treatments like lip augmentation and neck lift.

Medical Departures provides you with necessary information about our doctors and clinics in Mexico, making sure that they are qualified to provide safe and excellent medical services through background checks. We believe that you ought to receive excellent treatments from the best clinics, so book through us.


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