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Do you want bigger boobs? If you are genetically not well-endowed or your breasts have lost volume due to hormonal problems, weight loss or childbirth, you should consider going to a breast augmentation clinic in Philippines . In this country, you can enjoy island hopping, boat trips, great views a warm climate and bask in the sun.

What does the best breast augmentation clinic in Philippines offer?

At the recommended clinics you can take advantage of high-quality amenities, treatment according to international standards, well-qualified and experienced doctors and all this at an inexpensive cost. If you wish, you can also avail of different plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments as well as the breast augmentation surgery – since the prices are so reasonable. You will have a caring support staff that gives you personal attention, as do the doctors.

You can also enjoy a holiday at the same time at exotic and amazing locations like the bustling city of Manila or Cebu, Bohol, Boracay, Palawan and hundreds of islands, all of which offer spectacular vistas, water sports and local attractions.

Why consider breast augmentation?

If you don’t like boyish breasts or simply wish you were more curvaceous, then you may consider breast augmentation. This will improve your appearance as well as give you more confidence.


You will be able to wear the clothes that you otherwise did not buy and even flaunt your new found curves in beach or gym wear. It will be easier to buy underwear as well and when you look and feel sexier, it gives a fillip to your love life as well.

Recommended breast augmentation clinics in Philippines

If you book through Medical Departures you get only MD verified clinics, doctors that we have investigated and the best price guarantee as well. Among the recommended clinics are:

The Aivee Clinic – with top amenities, modern buildings with Parisian style décor, the clinic is located in Taguig City in the Metro Manila region. All kinds of cosmetic surgeries and treatments are done at this clinic including breast augmentation.

Body Accents – located in Quezon City in Metro Manila, the clinic offers full fledged plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments including revision surgeries, stem cell treatment and boob jobs of different kinds.

The Asian Tropics Aesthetic Center – the clinic aims to deliver high quality aesthetic services to locals and international travelers who go for plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. The clinic is located in Quezon City.

How much does it cost for surgery at a breast augmentation clinic in Philippines?

At home, you may pay an average of AUD16,500 (NZD18,252, £10,179, €11,106, US$13,226, CAD16,345) for breast augmentation. However, in Philippines you will pay an average of only AUD3,991 (NZD4,415, £2,462, €2,686, US$3,200, CAD3,955) for the same surgical procedure.

This is why it is worth traveling for plastic surgery that you otherwise have to pay for. You save money, but get good quality care.

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