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The Ultimate Guide to Arm Lift in Bali

Transform sagging skin at you on the upper arms with Arm Lifts in Bali. You can make the most of your trip by combing cosmetic surgery with your holiday, giving you a lovely destination to recuperate in, while still saving money if you’d stayed at home for the surgery.

One of the giveaways of getting older, and also a nuisance if wearing short or sleeveless outfits makes you feel self-conscious, loose upper arm skin is sometimes hard to shift with diet and exercise. If you find that you are in this position then read on to discover why Bali could provide you with an answer.

Why should I get Arm Lifts in Bali?

Bali has been a leading tourist destination for a number of years. The services, amenities and facilities for international visitors are excellent. It is, therefore, usually only a matter of time before medical tourism begins to grow in established popular destinations like Bali.

Bali offers a number of leading facilities for cosmetic surgery. Custom-built and with international accreditation, like Joint Commission International, these facilities are aimed specifically at medical tourists, delivering high-quality care in state-of-the-art surroundings – and all at affordable prices.

As the world is becoming a much smaller place, it is apparent to many Westerners that the treatment they can get overseas is just as good (if not better) than what they’d receive at home. Crumbling, age-old hospitals, overworked staff and waiting lists as long as your arm are some of the problems facing western patients at home, so traveling to contemporary, modern, purpose-built facilities and being treated with the care and attention often missing at home is rather an eye-opener.

It is not just the quality of the facilities and the service culture that makes global healthcare so popular – it is also the expertise. Doctor training is very similar throughout the world now, and because international travel is so easy, cross-border training is commonplace, and it is not unlikely to find western-trained doctors in the most far-flung countries on the planet.

We always say that you should do a little research yourself. Be sure that any facility or surgeon has credentials you can verify and rely on. This isn’t always easy to do if you’re traveling abroad, which is why Medical Departures can help. We run a number of checks on our partner clinics, including onsite visits, gathering of patient testimonials, verifying doctor qualifications and confirming professional memberships, as well as legal/criminal record checks. You can see most of this information on our site under each clinic listing, with photos, prices, maps and lots of other information that will help you make an informed choice for your arm lifts in Bali.

How long does arm lift take and what’s involved in the arm lift procedure?

Surgery takes an hour or two, depending on the exact procedure that your surgeon performs. Like many cosmetic surgery procedures, there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and so your surgery may take a shorter or longer time, depending on the extent of the problem.

The simplest and quickest method of streamlining flabby arms is with liposuction. However, the skin will need to have good elasticity, otherwise the results may not be anywhere near as good as you’d like. The majority of people typically have surgery with liposuction – and there are three types of arm lift surgery that may be done:

The standard arm lift makes an incision from the elbow to the arm pit; the limited incision makes a small incision in the armpit only, and the extended arm lift uses the same same incision as for the standard arm lift, but continues onto the chest wall. This latter technique is usually required for patients who have undergone massive weight loss, particularly bariatric surgery patients.

What is the recovery time for an arm lifts in Bali?

Immediately after the surgery your arms will, of course, feel tender and stiff, but the recovery time is generally quick when compared to other cosmetic surgery. In fact, some people are back at work within a few days!

You will need to be careful not to overstretch, although gently stretching and moving will help you to heal much faster and minimize swelling. After a week, the bruising and swelling will start to dissipate and you should have full movement back after a month. Strenuous activities, for example heavy lifting, digging and sports such as tennis should be avoided for at least 6 weeks.

What is the cost comparison for Arm Lifts in South Korea compared to Australia and New Zealand?

Arm lifts in Bali cost on average, around 50% less than they do Australia where prices average around AUD $8,000 (US $5,500, CAN $7,300, UK £3,600 EURO €4,500) in Australia

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