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The Ultimate Guide to Bellafill in Bali

Looking at dermal fillers like Bellafill in Bali? If you’re on holiday it’s worthwhile getting the procedure done while you’re away. You’ll go home looking relaxed and younger – and the best thing is that most people will never suspect you’ve had a filler, they’ll just assume you look rested after your vacation.

As Bali is a popular tourist destination, it has plenty of health, wellness and beauty facilities for its visitors. Why not take advantage of the expertise available here and the lower prices and give yourself and your face a little pick-me-up?

What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is an injectable dermal filler that’s used for combating the appearance of fine lines and deep folds and wrinkles, such as the nasolabial folds. It is also good for improving the appearance of pitted acne scars

How does Bellafill work?

The active ingredient in Bellafill is collagen (a product found naturally in our own skin). Collagen is one of the essential elements in the appearance of youthful-looking skin as it forms a firm matrix beneath the outer layer providing a firm and supportive base. As we age, the collagen production in our bodies slows down, which means that the firm layer beneath our skin begins to fall into disrepair. Rather like a sagging sofa, with no firm base our skin begins to develop lines, creases and wrinkles which eventually lead to the dreaded sag.

Bellafill is injected directly into the problem areas, adding volume and plumping out wrinkles to prevent sagging.

What areas can Bellafill be used on?

Bellafill can be used on acne scarring on the face, as well as a variety of facial wrinkles, including smile lines, nasolabial folds and lines on the forehead caused by frowning or squinting.

How long does Bellafill treatment take and how long is the recovery time?

An injection just takes seconds, but it depends on how much you need and how many areas are being treated. It could take up to an hour.

Side-effects are minimal and may include temporary redness, swelling, itching or bruising which should dissipate in a few hours, or a few days in the case of any bruising. They shouldn’t interfere with your everyday activities and you will be able to wear makeup to camouflage any side-effects.

How long does the Bellafill treatment last?

You’ll be able to see the effects of the treatment immediately, but better results will develop over the next few weeks. If you require, you can have top-up treatments 3-6 weeks later. The results typically last for 12 months.

What are the risks of Bellafill?

Bellafill is an FDA-approved filler but it does contain animal collagen so you will need to be allergy tested before you start treatment. The product also contains microspheres which are not absorbed by the body. You should consider any treatment with Bellafill as a permanent procedure as the microspheres can only be removed surgically. You should also ensure that your practitioner has plenty of experience and expertise in administering Bellafill.

Why should I have Bellafill in Bali?

If you’re holidaying on Bali, it is certainly worth the effort of looking at getting your Bellafill treatment while you’re here as you’ll certainly save money compared to what you’d pay at home.

Obviously, money shouldn’t be the only concern when it comes to medical treatments. And don’t be fooled – this is a medical treatment, even though dermal fillers seem to be offered almost anywhere and everywhere. Bali’s health and beauty facilities are generally excellent and there is no shortage of expertise in the art of cosmetic procedures, but we do advise you to do a little background research.

This is where booking with Medical Departures helps. We have already done background checks on all our clinic facilities, listing qualifications, professional memberships and other information to help you determine the reliability of each facility. Patient reviews, high-definition clinic photos and prices are also listed, giving you plenty of information to get an all-round picture.

What is the cost of Bellafill in Bali, compared to Australia or New Zealand?

Prices vary depending on how many areas you are going to have the procedure on. As a rough guide:

Bellafill in Bali for one area is likely to be about 50% less than prices in Australia which are around AUD $650 (UK £380; US $500; EUR €440).

What now?

Search our listings, choose a clinic and book online.

See below for ways to arrange an appointment or speak with Customer Care if you’d like to know more about Bellafill in Bali.

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