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Designer Vagina in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Designer Vagina in Bali

Discover an affordable way of getting designer vagina. In Bali, you’ll find top-quality medical facilities, and be able to relax and enjoy a holiday while you have this intimate surgery.

What is included in a designer vagina procedure?

Most designer vagina procedures include a vaginoplasty – traditionally a surgery that was often undertaken after childbirth to repair or tighten the vaginal walls. However, the modern approach may include other surgery, such as labiaplasty (to reduce the size of the vaginal lips); clitoropexy (reducing or repositioning the clitoris or clitoral hood); hymenoplasty (repairing the tissue at the entrance to the vagina) or other procedures to the pelvic floor.

Why should I go to Bali for Designer Vagina surgery?

Bali is a renowned holiday destination, particularly for Aussies, Kiwis, Brits and North Americans. It has a good infrastructure for visitors with all the amenities and services most visitors need. For patients who are looking for affordable procedures Bali ticks the boxes – savings of 60% or more are not unusual.

The location offers a number of leading healthcare facilities, delivering a comprehensive range of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, in contemporary surroundings. Newly-built hospitals and clinics cater for the growing numbers of medical tourists, keen to take advantage of the lower prices here, and the excellent facilities for an enjoyable holiday before surgery, as well as for recuperating in afterwards.

Bali’s beautiful beaches and coastlines are well known, offering activities to suit all – just from soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach to snorkeling, diving, swimming and other water-related pastimes. Adrenaline junkies will find plenty to keep excitement levels high, including zip lining and white-water rafting, whereas at the other end of the scale you can take in a relaxing round of golf.

At the end of the day, you can relax in a fabulous, secluded restaurant, or party the night away – there’s always something to suit all tastes and moods.

Why book with Medical Departures?

We know you may feel apprehensive about booking surgery overseas and probably have lots of questions regarding the standards of the medical facilities, the qualifications and any professional memberships of the doctors and whether getting surgery in Bali is a good idea.

Although any medical procedure can ever be guaranteed completely we make it or business to ensure our provider clinics deliver exceptional services we have verified. Our 4 stage process involves a number of steps to check credentials, ranging from obtaining real patient reviews, to confirming doctor qualifications, to checking legal/criminal records to doing our own onsite visits. If we’re not happy with any aspect you won’t find the clinic on our site, so you can book safe in the knowledge that your clinic has the right credentials.

How long does a Designer Vagina procedure take?      

The procedure typically takes around 2 hours, but this may vary, depending on what procedures you have in your designer vagina procedure.

How long does it take to recover from Designer Vagina surgery?

Stitches in this type of surgery are usually dissolvable, so you won’t need to worry about returning to have stitches out. It may be surprising to you but this area of the body tends to heal reasonably quickly, and while you may be uncomfortable for a day or two things should settle down relatively swiftly. At home, most people are back at work within the week.

You will need to take things slowly for longer than this – refraining from vigorous exercise and activities for 6 weeks – to give your body time to heal, both inside and out.

What’s the cost comparison of Designer Vaginas in Bali, compared to Australia and New Zealand? 

In Australia, a designer vagina costs around AUD $11,500 (NZD $12,200, US$8,800; CAD11,500, UK £6,900, EUROS €8,100), but you will pay at least 50% less in Bali.

What now?

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