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Hip Replacement in Bali

The Ultimate Guide to Hip Replacement in Bali

A Hip replacement in Bali is just what you need if your activities of daily life have been affected by any mobility problems thanks to hip damage. You can have this surgery in Bali at a reasonable price with no waiting lists and also enjoy a holiday in this beautiful place at the same time.

You may have developed hip problems due to arthritis or any of the related arthritic disorders. Or your problems may have occurred due to any other disease or even trauma or accident. After this surgery and subsequent rehabilitation your quality of life will improve as you will have increased mobility and will be able to sit and stand more easily.

Why should you consider hip replacement in Bali?

A 2015 MTA Medical Tourism Patient Survey found that 65% of patients participating in medical travel are not covered by insurance. If you do not have medical insurance which would ideally pay for the surgery or part of it, you are better off getting it done in Bali with its excellent quality of doctors and medical treatment as well as reasonable pricing.

Bali has developed into a premier medical tourism destination thanks to its accessibility and low pricing. As it’s a favorite holiday spot for Aussies, Kiwis, Americans, Canadians and Brits you’ll find no problem with the language as English is spoken widely.

If you are going to Bali for a hip replacement, then you’ll find there are a number of options available to you in terms of activities. Yes, there are adrenaline-fuelled past-times like white water rafting, but also plenty of more sedate leisure pursuits and there’s also gorgeous stretches of coastline to gaze at during a gentle walk.

If you are not very active, then you can use your time in the country post-surgery to recover at spas and retreats that offer all the benefits of natural surroundings and good medical care.

Why you should book with Medical Departures?

Booking with Medical Departures is very advantageous for you. We offer the best price guarantee so you save money. We verify the credentials and background of the doctors at the medical centers we list on our website. We see that the amenities and ambience of the medical facilities are top quality and that they follow international treatment protocols and are conversant with the latest medical devices.

How long does hip replacement take and what is the estimated recovery period?

Hip replacement surgeries are done in various ways and this partly depends on the kind of prosthesis that is required. These come various combinations of ceramic and metal and may or may not require cementing. You may need total hip replacement or partial replacement. Basically during the surgery, the damaged parts are removed and the artificial joint put in. The surgery is usually done under general anesthesia and can take between one and two hours.

You will have sutures to close the incisions, bandages and sometimes drains. You will need to take antibiotics and painkillers. However, you will have to start some exercises while still in bed the day after surgery to strengthen your muscles. You will have to start physical rehabilitation soon and it will take several months of therapy to be able to walk comfortably. You need at least six week off your regular schedule and three to six months to recover.

There are some things you will be advised not to do after surgery and even going back to the gym may take a long time. You will have certain activity restrictions that you will have to follow. However, with time you will have much greater mobility and will be able to carry out most activities of daily life more easily.

What is the cost of hip replacement surgery?

Hip replacement in the U.S. will cost you an average of US$24,500 (CAD 32,865, £20,030 €22,335, AUD 32,000, NZD 34,208). You will pay much less in Bali.

What now?

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